It's challenging building a business when you're in debt and hoping to achieve financial freedom. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, founder of the successful million dollar blog achieved "side hustle millionaire" status, starting from the bottom drowning in debt in 2011. She not only believed in herself and "did the transformation business work," but also overcame financial difficulty by writing "lots and lots of content" for her blog about finance. She has a caring heart by giving back and helping others achieve the same success she has, by giving away free advice how to start a million dollar blog and prosper in the "side hustle blogging career."

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Forbes has an interesting article Dnn recommends you reading about how Michelle Schroeder-Gardner maintains a million dollar blog and regularly updates it without hiring employees.

Inspiration for starting your blogging career

A day job is a great way to learn how to stay consistent working. You can also learn alot from your employer and co-workers. But a traditional day job is not the way to success anymore. If you want to achieve [side hustle millionaire] status from blogging as a full-time career, you have to want to do this of free will and have patience and persistence "grandfathered in" to your spirit and mind in order to prosper.