The European Union has recently enforced the new law that requires bloggers Kama form owners, and webmasters 2 adhere to their new gdpr policy. Basically in a nutshell, it means that if you actively engage in any type of online business, you must put a disclaimer on your blog, form, or website stating that your site is gdpr compliant. Gdpr stands for General data protection regulation.

You're basically letting European users know that their personal information will be collected upon giving your site permission to collect such information from them such as their IP address, site using Behavior what pages they specifically visit, Etc. European site visitors can only proceed through your blog or website after they take their computer mouse and click the box that gives the site owner permission to grant European visitors access by clicking either yes or I can sent. If site visitors from the European Union do not consent, they will not have access to your blog or website. It's simple as that.

If your site is not updated and the EU happens to catch you off-guard though you do not live in the European Union circumference and if you even live in the United States, the EU will find a way to slap a heavy fine on you. Allegedly, the EU fines site owners up to 20 million dollars and more possibly. This can put any online business owner and side hustle millionaire out of business if they do not comply with the EU and display a gdpr policy on a blog or website.

Once your blog or website is updated with the general data protection regulation clause, you're good to go. If you only blog or website and have a desire to become a side hustle millionaire off of affiliate marketing, blogging, and selling things online and owner site, you definitely want to be mindful about installing the GDPR data protection policy on your site with no delay. It's time to get organized.