With millions of dollars waiting quietly to be earned on the web, who in their right mind would willingly ignore the opportunity of starting an online side hustle and being excited about becoming a near future "side hustle millionaire?"

If you're just getting into blogging or internet marketing as a means of generating a secondary income and developing multiple steams of passive income, this is how you should see yourself as an entrepreneur with a long-term vision...

"Guess what? You're a side hustle millionaire in the making. You can rank among the side hustle elites like GrantSabatier, Michelle Schroeder Gardner, Rosalind Gardner, Martha Stewart, Jim Wang, Jeremy Palmer, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins & more by starting your own online store today. It’s possible for employees to become online millionaires."

If you work hard at building your business online and stay focused for two to three years, not only can you become a potential [side hustle millionaire], but you'll also likely make money online 24 hours a day and no longer have to "work for the man."

That's a blessed feeling. Am I riiiiiiiiight I say? Are you listening? Are you getting what I'm trying to tell ya?

Video by Forbes.com.