You have to love Forbes. They put out the best information. Forbes continues to be a leader in the business and financial world. On November 6, 2013, they uploaded a new video to YouTube channel discussing tech startups and raising donations and Kickstarter. In the video, they discuss how a person put a simple idea into action and experimented with raising money online. As a result, the tech startup and the founder became more successful than hoped for. Word-of-mouth got out about the site through Kickstarter, and this loving humble beginning start up based around the topic of "pets" is getting business and making money online. is the new technology online startup founded by Semyon Dukach. According to Forbes, PetCube "Petcube lets pet-owners -- and all of their friends -- play with animals left at home alone." How can other people play with the pets of others left at home unattended? With a small camera installed, people can watch their pets at home on the Internet and see what they''re doing.

The site is expected to attract billions of dollars in advertising revenue from advertisers and potentially make Dukach a billionaire in the next 10 years.