Drewry News Network respectfully salutes the undying entrepreneurial spirit of Berkshire Hathaway CEO and side hustle billionaire Warren Buffett. Since a child, a young Warren had a keen eye for business. He mingled with pinball machines, chewing gum, sales and marketing, and earned his 1st $53k by age 17. In fact, he was so good in entrepreneurship that he couldn't see himself working a traditional cushy 9 to 5 day job like most Americans. So he believed in himself and did the transformation business work at full strength, steamrolling in faith of earning himself a bright future in business. And surely he succeeded beyond his financial expectations. What started out as side hustles of Warren Buffett enabled him to successfully transition into "side hustle billionaire" status.

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He didn't allow critics from any corner of the Earth, whether it be family members, past employers, phony friends, or ex-girlfriends to hinder his entrepreneurial growth. When the spirit of success is in you, expect to be tried by anyone. And that means those closest to you such as family members or siblings. Buffett wouldn't have become the owner of BNSF.com today. He dealt with critics and naysayers by thinking positive and looking to the future as a transformational thought leader. While some people think it's easy to succeed in business and earn a cool million bux, guess again. Getting the millions is one thing. Keeping it and making it grow is another. And staying positive in the process of becoming a "side hustle millionaire" is another.

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Drewry News Network wishes the best to Warren Buffett's BerkshireHathaway.com, BusinessWire.com, and BNSF railroad. Keep up the good work!