Maybe you have an aunt, aunts, uncle, uncles, cousin, cousins, nieces or nephews that allegedly had it out for you since childhood. They don't like you nor had love for you because you're just too different. You don't fit in. Those feelings carried over with them to adulthood and resurfaced when new family drama arose. It could be a cousin who has skeletons in their closet that slandered you. It could be an uncle who felt you were too good. It could be a phony acting aunt who says they love you in one breath and tries to look like a saint in church and rep their image before the pastor, but in another breath they secretly hate you and want to see you hurt while struggling to portray a squeaky clean image before the pastor and congregation. Are you listening?

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Whatever the case of family drama is, you can become a "side hustle millionaire" off of family drama. That's right. Starting your own business and building a future million dollar venture is possible by using negative energy from jealous family members. Becoming a side hustle millionaire off of family slander is a dream come true and possible for anyone who believes in themselves, stays humble, and continue the journey of doing the transformation work.

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Here's how you can achieve [side hustle millionaire] status like online millionaire Michelle Schroeder-Gardner using hateful family members and family drama to prosper:

1. Humble yourself - Get real quiet. After all the noise has dies down, devise a plan for your business venture. If you plan on starting any kind of business whether it be offline or online, you'll need a blog or website to document your daily progress and create content. Your content will garner traffic from,, and As long as you post content to your site daily or every other day, you're good.

2. Have a reliable product or service to sell. Family drama has something to learn from. Whatever it is, identify it, use that to build or re-sell a product or service, and itemize details about the benefits of the product or service up close and personal face to face Robin Leach style to your offline customers or on your blog or website in descriptive detailed content. While jealous family members pray on your downfall, the only thing that's falling is their strength to defeat you. The more you think about how family drama tried to bring you down, something should kick in mentally in your entrepreneurial career to be a better marketer, seller, and content creator to your target audience. This way, you maximize your upsell potential and get close to becoming a future side hustle millionaire.

3. Move in silence - If you decide to start an online business, don't announce it to family members. They're the least people you want to know. Why? They will secretly work together in cahoots to bring you down. No family member that has it out for another wants to know and see the one they hate is becoming a side hustle millionaire. Build your business, hush yo' mouf, and keep doing the transformation business work at full strength.

Blogger and internet side hustle millionaire Neil Patel of explains his first career was "picking up the trash."

4. Let them think what they want to think - If they think all you do is sit in a room and stare at walls and make a side career by picking up old cans and bottles off the side of a highway to get by and cash in on a few coins as a can of beans, let them think so. It's better than having a new treadmill in your bedroom folded up and not doing anything with it.

5. Take what you've learned from family drama directed toward you and start a blog or website talking about ways to avoid family drama and remain peaceful. It makes great content for your site to talk about what you've been through with lying family members and how you used them to gain financial traction toward becoming a future side hustle millionaire. Wooooooooooonderful.

6. Write everyday - You can get free customers online for your business by regularly writing fresh content for your blog or website from search engines and social networks, thus improving your side hustle millionaire financial potential. Content marketing alone can make you an online millionaire. Consistency is key. Take out frustration on family members who start family drama and write, write, write!

7. Make yourself scarce - Let them wonder what you're doing since you're pin drop quiet. Then after you achieve side hustle millionaire status, show up randomly without notice to a family event'd out and with your new car. Let them see how their negativity put millions of dollars in your pocket as a new side hustle millionaire. Drive off and let that memory stick with them for life.

Never forget where you came from when you achieve "side hustle millionaire status," and everyone who was with you when you started from the bottom.