Some people and companies don''t possibly focus on the frequency of people liking their content posted to their Facebook walls and Facebook fan pages. While they may possibly be focused on meaningful engagement, their purpose may just be to have their content seen by Facebook profile users or sell something direct. Does it really mean anything if people do or don't click the "Facebook like" button on new content posted to Facebook profiles and fan pages?

OPENForum discusses this sensitive topic, offering valuable insight to entrepreneurs how to increase creativity and engaging people meaningfully with Facebook content marketing.

Not everyone who promotes their business or sells something on Facebook knows how to meaningfully keep Facebook friends and fans engaged to the point of continually clicking the like button.

In the world of online business, every day is a humbling and valuable learning experience. There's always something good to learn from others. This is where we gain valuable insight from established companies such as, absorbing priceless advice applying social media marketing education towards serving others meaningfully and earning new business.

The beauty of Facebook? Unlimited opportunity for creative entrepreneurs who are willing to continually learn about mastering the art of meaningfully engaging with Facebook friends and Facebook fans.