Northwestern University is committed to helping the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted-imprisoned get a fair chance at potential exoneration. The state of Florida has by far the worst track record, especially Broward County, of wrongful convictions and imprisonments. If you're a minority living in Florida and someone falsely accuses you even with no evidence and you have no paid lawyer, depending on what your Felony score is, you may quality not only for a cost-free public defender, but also on the day of the supposed trial get a last minute offer or "adjudication withheld," in exchange for a plea of no content, pay a fine, and be on a probationary period with or without community service. Other states have different ways of doing things.

If you've ever been wrongfully charged with a crime you never committed, falsely accused with no evidence with a plea deal forced on you, wrongfully sent to prison or falsely adjudicated with a deferred judgement by a court, perhaps you may want to content Northwestern University law department and have one of their law students possibly take a look at your case to see if there's anything that can possibly be done. Speak up and speak out now against legal injustice done to you with a wrongful criminal record and take a stand against crooks in the legal system.