It takes more than posting links to products and services one walls of social networks to become a savvy marketer. Meaningful relationship building on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are wonderful ways to not only get out your SWOT marketing messages, but also build deeper relationships with those who affiliate with you online. Meaningful and deep social engagement is not so fixated upon selling a product or service; relationships built holds more weight than trying to capitalize in the moment financially by push-carting a product or service for sale.

For marketers who never intensely thought about it "especially amateur online marketers," meaningful relationship building holds more weight than financial gain "online or off-line." DrewryNewsNetwork is an advocate for "meaningful relationship building and longevity."

Once upon a time, the founder of this site didn't care too much about building relationships with others. It was merely about business. After revisiting humble beginnings times over as an entrepreneur, the understanding finally kicked in that in order to succeed not just in business but in anything in life, one must have a positive and solid relationship built on a good foundation. That's the same thing applies for networking and building relationships with people on the internet. Food for thought for aspiring and current entrepreneurs.