This is a scary thing to know. facebook can track where you go around the web even if you're not on fb or if you've deactivated your account. Additionally, if you have your business name on your Facebook personal profile and talk about GOD and have a large friends list and start telling people about the truth of the Gospel how they should conduct themselves, facebook will suspend your account indefinitely and demand that you put your real name in your personal profile. If you talk about anything in general outside of the Gospel, they're ok with most of what's discussed. It looks as if the world's largest social network not only wants to know everything you're doing online, but it also looks as if facebook doesn't want GOD discussed on personal profiles with a large friend following. The assumption about that is fb allegedly fears that discussing GOD and HIS Gospel will open the people to Biblical truth and change the history of human thought.

Is facebook trying to be all knowing? It's only a social network.