Rumors and speculation start to circle around the resignation of former New York AG Eric Schneiderman. If you didn't know, Schneiderman was the attorney general of New York that successfully prosecuted the Trump University lawsuit and forced the Donald to give back millions of dollars to former Trump University students. It was alleged to be in the virtual ballpark of possibly $25 million Trump had to pay to settle the lawsuit.

As we all know, Giuliani was the former mayor of New York City. And he's on record in the big apple and remembered by most New Yorkers as being "one of the worst mayors of New York City." Rudy's arrogance, allegedly cursing out EMS workers and his alleged personal views of some people cast him in a negative spotlight before the world.

With the resignation of Eric Schneiderman, some people are starting to think that Donald Trump and Rudolph Giuliani are allegedly behind Eric's ouster. It's highly suspected that Giuliani and Trump allegedly set Schneiderman up for failure so they can not only make him look bad before everyone in New York, but they also wrongfully castrate his character so that Trump can help Rudy get his position in New York as the new attorney general. Trump and Giuliani allegedly set up Schneiderman because Schneiderman (4 months ago according to a video provided by filed his 100th lawsuit against Trump.

Rudy Giuliani doesn't belong in any New York political position ever again. Most New Yorkers feel Rudy is no good and continues to be up to "no good," along with his pal Trump. If Guiliani becomes new New York City attorney general, all New York filed lawsuits against the Donald automatically go away.