First, New York dealt with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer allegedly paying for prostitutes somewhere in the suspected ballpark of $4,000+. Spitzer somehow managed to avoid criminal charges. He unfortunately had to resign as New York Gov., but never had a trial nor experienced with it's like to be in prison. The former sheriff of Wall Street could never be in politics again. Rumor is, Eliot is allegedly still dealing with the habit of paying for hanky panky. Allegedly. Where is SPitzer nowadays and what kind of employment does he have? How is he able to keep the millions of dollars coming in to his bank accounts? Or is he a working class man and has a secret 9 to 5 day job?

Second, the sad Felony conviction of Bill Cosby. Cosby was convicted for allegedly serving young women quualadues and suspectedly engaging in hanky panky acts while under the drug. Cosby was recently convicted in a Norristown, Pennsylvania courtroom and will seek an appeal. It's sad that Cosby will possibly be going to jail for 10 years though he's up there in age.

Donald Trump is accused by numerous women of allegedly grabbing their crotch. And accused of paying for prostitutes. Stormy Daniels claims to have allegedly got steamy with the Donald years ago and was suspectedly paid $130k for her quality time spent with Trump. Many people assume Donald will not win a second term as president of the United States of America because of his scandals.

And now....the man that prosecuted the Trump University case in New York City when Donald Trump was running for president has officially resigned from his post as New York attorney general. Eric Schneiderman is accused by a few women of physically assaulting them. Is this alleged retaliation from Trump for prosecuting the Trump University case and making the Donald shell out millions of dollars in repaying Trump University students who felt robbed by the Donald? If Eric is innocent of the women's accusations against him, then why is he resigning?

Truth: You can't be no political figure with any kind of skeletons in your closet, thinking you're going to serve terms in office without any form of backlash. Whether you're democrat or republican, no one is going to keep quiet if you've done something. Common sense would tell anyone in office that has the limelight on them to not do anything they think is unlawful. Everyone knows your face, name, and title. This is why it's better to "be a nobody and make all the money you want." Stay a nobody and out the limelight. Dress like a bum in public. A nobody doesn't have the public eye on them. They can move about as they please. They can go to the ATM machine or bank teller and draw large wads of cash to walk around in their pocket because they are a nobody and dressed like a bum, though they might be a secret millionaire. It's best as a man to turn down a woman because you build inner spiritual strength doing so. Not everyone who looks good has something good to offer. Only politicians and other officials in power who don't think twice do stupid stuff in office thinking no one will say anything. Guess again. And it doesn't matter either if your name is Donald Trump. They'll still tattle tale on you. Bottom line...if you're in office. do the right thing.