The Donald made a huge mistake by bringing on former New York city mayor Rudolph Giuliani as legal counsel to the president. How many more mistakes will Trump make? Do you feel Donald Trump's presidency is making America great again after all the people he's terminated from employment and current allegations surrounding Donald concerning Stormy Daniels and allegedly paying Jezebel?

Donald Trump maybe in for more then he's imagined when he runs for his second presidential term. Now he's mentioned in a publication on as hiring Clinton impeachment lawyer to handle the investigation concerning Trump and Russia. Will former FBI director Robert Mueller succeed in bringing Trump down and reducing the Donald's presidency to the lowest common denominator?

Remember the man who recently died in Trump Tower during the fire? Is his family planning to sue the Trump Administration for his death?

What are your true feelings about Donald Trump's way of doing business in and out of United States politics? Will trump be impeached during his first or second presidency? And what do you think will allegedly happened to Stormy Daniels as a result of opening her mouth against the Donald as he sits in the Oval Office?