Homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and divorce and remarriage is a sin. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It's wrong!

​​​​​​ Thomas Dexter Jakes is listed as possibly the highest paid preacher in America. His alleged net worth is possibly over 100 million dollars and possibly close to or more than quarter of a billion dollars today. TD Jakes is highly suspected of being too afraid to speak against homosexuality for fear of his net worth possibly being severely depleted.

How does Thomas Dexter Jakes view homosexuality? Joel Osteen doesn't speak against it. Bishop TD Jakes has no updated videos at this time on YouTube.com or anywhere across the internet speaking against homosexuality and gay marriage. Why? Many believe TD Jakes is supporting homosexuality and gay marriage indirectly.

Does TD Jakes have the courage to appear on popular talk shows such as Oprah.com and openly denounce gay marriage and homosexuality to the world? TD Jakes is highly suspected of being a false prophet. Your thoughts on this?