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Russians are highly suspected of sending nonsense spam e-mails to Americans' free email accounts. Since the beginning of the Donald Trump presidency, Russia has been a nonstop topic discussed in U.S. politics and among the American people. Russian spammers are allegedly behind many free e-mail hacking attempts. And allegedly behind sending spam messages from possibly different parts of Russia. In March 2018, Russian spammers are highly suspected of sending Russian dating spam e-mails from Vladivostock, Russia.

The heading of the unopened email message comes from a name of "Olia."

The teasing headline says: [New Msg] You Got a Glance from Olia (from Vladivostock, Russia)

Ocean view of Vladivostock, Russia compliments of Google Maps

Vladivostock has nothing in common with U.S.A!

What is this spamming nonsense? If Russian spammers are allegedly behind the free e-mail spamming scandal, why do they allegedly continue sending spam messages to on targeted Americans? Is it an alleged attempt to hack as many free e-mail passwords as possible and get as much information as they illegally the nonsense must stop. Sending spam is never good for business.