A new energy bar that graced the health and nutrition market is getting lots of buzz on the world's most popular video site. While surfing on YouTube this morning, a video entitled "Paying for People's Groceries" showed up on YouTube.com homepage. Curious, the video was viewed and it showed a young man walking thorough what looks like a grocery isle.

While following a link in the video description of the video, it goes to the website GungHo.com.

When you visit the GungHo site, it's very attractive looking. There, you'll learn more about this energy bar that helps boost memory retention and focus. From the sound and content of the video, this amazing energy bar can potentially help student boost their grades. That's a very good thing.

It looks like a worthwhile product to sample and purchase.

If you tasted or sampled the Gung Ho energy bar, how was your experience?