When you error, get up and begin again. #Transformation is a #lifetime journey of #striving to #achieve spiritual #excellence. #Believe in #self and keep #movingforward. #Forgive other #people and #blessings will #fall upon you. - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/affiliate-marketing

Struggling with a specific flaw? Guess what? We're all born with flaws from birth. It doesn't mean we're destined for failure throughout our lifetime. It is of our free choice made to get up and turn ourselves around in identifying our strengths, weaknesses, as well as pointing out our lowest level habits, whether it be biting your nails, drinking, swearing, eating the wrong foods, and so forth. Working to correct obtuse actions may be quite a daunting task. But, with patience, consistency, and quashing feelings of any fears of changing for the better, things have a way of hashing itself out, in overcoming lower level habits.

When we work towards self-improvement, we look at things which are lower level habits. Some of them we can't always identify so quickly. Procrastination tends to be one of some lower level habits in a person's life. Though a person may perform well I perform well in some areas and achieve things on time, there's other times a person may intentionally slack. Academic wise, some people have a tendency of waiting the last minute. Working on a project slowly but surely helps eliminate procrastination.

This weakness can be transformed into a strength by:

a) Planning ahead and starting work way ahead of time

b) Increasing cardiovascular output, because doing cardio on a regular basis does help anyone complete any kind of task faster, as well as quicker intellectual decision making. Cardiovascular activity has a unique tendency to sharpen cognitive thinking process, and subliminally inspire you to get things done quicker in a shorter time span.

c) Keep your room clean. Believe it or not, part of your procrastination is possibly because of a dirty room. A dirty room results in a slower thinking process and slows down response time, resulting in decreased production and increased feelings of laziness. Are you listening? In a dirty room, not only doesn't slow down your healthy train of thought, but it also clutters your mind. It's also one more thing on the to do list you have to achieve. Keeping your room clean promotes healthy thinking, increased production in the workplace and your side hustle business project, makes you feel good about yourself, and more.

d) Allow your self more time to concentrate - By starting and striving to complete tasks and assignments in an earlier fashion, it allows yourself to have a clearer train of thought, thus giving more of a mature and intellectual insight.

Being honest, genuine and sincere not only with yourself, but others, adds to the positive character one strives for. In our daily transformations, we work earnestly toward achieving greatness, through identifying our strong and weak points before others. This in turn helps to keep positive pressure on one another to succeed, no matter how strong or weak you are.

In conclusion, you have to want to overcome your lowest level habits. Every human in today's generation errors somewhere in their life. Everyone in today's generation has a specific flaw she or he struggles with overcoming. It's not the end of the world if you pushed roles in the past to overcome this flaw and still struggle with it. You're not the only one dealing with overcoming internal flaws. Overcoming your lowest level habits require failing times over. This simply means the more you desire to overcome a specific lower-level habit, you'll do it even more because your flash doesn't want to stop indulging in human flesh. That's a fact of life.

When you find yourself miserably failing times over in going back to the law you desire to overcome like a dog chasing its own tail, keep believing in your self and never give up trying to overcome that flaw. Even if it takes 20 to 30 years to overcome it, don't throw in the towel and quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit. With that said, the longer you stay in the trenches striving for excellence to overcome your flaws and lower level habits, the more it will shape your character and make you an honorable person in the long run for staying the course.