The Lord Jesus Christ is shamelessly acknowledged on this site as GOD and GOD alone

i say with honest conviction in my heart and of free will that: "i believe in The Lord Jesus Christ with no shame whatsoever," without a care in the world what people think!!!

When you're a child of God and you show others by verbally or physically admitting that you believe in The Lord Jesus Christ, expect people to "come out of the woodworks with their mouths" saying anything to you. dnn humbly recognizes Jesus Christ before the world. It is because of The Lord Jesus Christ and HIS mercy we exist. It is because of Christ that we have our daily bread. It is because of Christ that we continue to experience goodness in the midst of intense adversity. Be thankful for GOD's mercy in your life. HE doesn't owe anyone anything. We are the ones who owe HIM our souls and entire life in being of service to The Lord Jesus!!!