GOD didn't create marijuana for people to smoke it. People and politicians are hard-pressed for recreational marijuana legalization because it's a sign of the times and Scripture must be fulfilled. Marijuana will always be a controversial topic. People continue doing as they please with the herb since historical times. Smoking is never good regardless what's smoked. Smoking marijuana will never heal the mind and body. Prayer will. Prayer changes things. And prayer changes things for the better, above and beyond what the human mind can imagine prayer does. Prayer not only rejuvenates health, but it mends broken relationships, helps people get claimed and reclaimed with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost speaking in unknown tongues as the spirit of GOD give utterance, and helps people overcome cancer and negative thoughts. Never underestimate the beautiful power of prayer. Lastly, if you personally ask dnn, dnn recommends praying about everything before ingesting any natural form of marijuana. If you don't know what you're doing with the green herb, "leave it alone and resort to prayer," and prayer only for total health.

Marijuana legalization supporters argue that legalizing recreational Marijuana will be good for promoting freedom of choice and using it for improving overall health. Marijuana smokers feel having instant access to recreational smoke will improve the quality of life. They further argue that Marijuana is not a controlled substance and shouldn’t be regulated. They want to have the ability to grow as many Marijuana plants as possible and the freedom to purchase bulk quantity at will. The ability to have access to recreational Marijuana will put underage kids at risk for addiction.

dnn feels politicians and other supporters are wrong in their push for recreational Marijuana legalization. They’re wrong because their intentions are not to ingest it in the correct fashion. I am wrong for smoking Marijuana in the past and used to be an advocate for smoking it. Furthermore, dnn argues legalization of recreational Marijuana shouldn’t happen, as it subliminally stimulates aggression and contributes to crimes committed. Marijuana should be classified as a controlled substance because it controls a person’s mind when smoked.

Moreover, dnn argues that recreational Marijuana shouldn’t be legalized. It can and will fall into the hands of underage people at a faster rate. Teenagers are vulnerable to controlling their feelings. Look at how they act in relationships when a breakup happens. They act out on most occasions. Recreational Marijuana consumption by teens will possibly result in a higher death rate, decreased concentration in the classroom resulting in an increased rate of failing grades, and loss of interest in life.

If Marijuana must be legalized for political reasons, it should only be available to people with real health problems and not to be smoked. If it’s consumed in it’s natural state of not being smoked and prepared either as a tea or included in food, it has the potential to improve mental and physical health. Those who purchase Marijuana should have a background check ran on them before issued a medical card. You never know if they hide under the medical card mask to further their alleged Marijuana selling operations “under the table.”

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A good thing dnn supports about natural Marijuana consumption is it helps aids patients retain healthy weight. Marijuana, ingested in the right way and not smoked, is beneficial to immune-suppressed people suffering from "hiv," as Marijuana helps them not only retain weight, but feel hope they can overcome their challenging health issue. dnn understands using medical Marijuana in its natural herbal, unprocessed form for this purpose, and legal only for natural use. However, Marijuana in this case should only be prepared at a hospital or by a physician on site as a tea or added in food to ensure patients don’t consume it in the wrong way. However, people are going to do whatever they want to do outside the law.

This is nothing more than a sign of the times. Scripture has to be fulfilled one way or another. And it will. Marijuana will always be a topic of ongoing confrontation. Either way you look at it, people will find a way one way or another to get their hands on it. Marijuana legalization will be finalized soon in all 50 states without regard if underage kids gets their hands on it. The earning potential for recreational Marijuana sales will always be unlimited.

Some crooked politicians and entrepreneurs are only looking at the bottom line: millions of dollars in instant pot sales. Don’t put your hope in thinking Marijuana will ever be totally regulated.