According to this video uploaded to a Facebook page, this took place in Philadelphia at 4th and Lehigh Avenue. The young man in this video was allegedly high off of Molly. What is Molly? It's some kind of alleged club drug people take to possibly get high. The gentleman depicted in this video in Philadelphia is allegedly feeling some kind of euphoria after possible ingestion of the popular drug known as Molly.

'Not a Laughing Matter'

This is no laughing matter. Obviously, the gentleman in the video did not know what he possibly got himself into, if he did swallow a Molly pill. Some people suggest he allegedly smoked wet "a combination of marijuana and embalming fluid." Who knows? This provides much food for thought. If this gentleman is possibly high off drugs such as Molly, this video will inspire people to stay away from drugs. Drugs ruin people's lives. It's said to to see this gentleman in his state of mind because it''s no laughing matter.