The Russians might be in for it. Their alleged meddling in the United States presidential election left the door open for potential retaliation. In a personal opinion from this site, DNN alleges the Russians possibly did hack into the US election. A social networking-bookmarking account owned by Drewry News Network had a password hacked by a Russian, as the Russian hacker posted links to their Russian website and alleged Russian affiliate links to products and services. Why are the Russians allegedly so interested in hacking Americans?

Some Universities throughout the United States are creating niche colleges geared toward educating students how to code and hack systems as a form of cyber security-cyber defense. The Russians allegedly stirred up the minds of most Americans and subliminally inspired American college students to step their educational game up in learning how to code as a means of alleged retaliation against Russian hackers. How long will Russians allegedly continue hacking into American systems?

What are your thoughts on this?