Relying on God and prayer to see you through life's uncertainties is true transformation of the soul and heart.

To progress daily is a blessing. To strive in positive life changes is to pass inspiration abroad. To analyze self in front of others and openly work to correct thyself shows humility. To help someone else in need with useful information or acts of generosity open doors of blessings from above.

To forgive is to cleanse your heart. To talk to The Lord Jesus Christ in the open before others shows one has no shame and publicly acknowledges The Lord Jesus Christ. HE is God and God alone. He loves us through every point of our lives. To creatively use the mind in life's adversity shows voluntary determination, intellect, character, poise, and spiritual posture. God's forgiveness alone gives us each day to be thankful for in unimaginable ways. To those who are going through something in life, keep holding out. Patience is a hard thing to contain in any hurdle faced through our life journey. Be encouraged and know that when you think you're alone, the Lord Jesus is with you.