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They say they trust God printed on money. Many politicians allegedly reject religion across the board. It’s always “two different things” among them. The thought of implementing government and religion together in unity is like mixing oil and water in the back of most people’s minds.

Religion plays an enormous role naturally in structuring and maintaining an organization spiritually and otherwise. Many people and most politicians want to keep religion out of government due to their personal feelings. One of the main reasons is because of homosexuality. It prohibits two men and two women coming together and making a proclamation as one flesh. Homosexuals are against religion because of this reason and want to keep religious laws out of government. Homosexuality is wrong because a man was not created for another man to be intimate with. Nor was a woman made to lay with another woman as she would with a man.

Homosexuality is WRONG!

drewry news network speaks out openly AGAINST homosexuality and AGAINST homosexual marriage!

A man and woman were created to come together as one flesh; not two men and two women. Scriptural law discusses living a righteous life and staying away from abomination.

Religion “Holiness” should be enforced into government. Why? It meets the obligation of enforcing prayer in school. It’ll bring back the old values that were once instilled such as acknowledging the Lord Jesus Christ before the world, talking about the goodness of God without shame, and so on. Children need spiritual laws in their lives and understand the definition of prayer on a different level more than simply clasping two hands together, closing their eyes and just saying words without consciously knowing what they’re saying or who they’re praying to.

Scripture speaking against homosexual lust:
  • Leviticus 18:22
  • Leviticus 20:13
  • Mark 10:6-9
  • Romans 1:26-28

Our eternal father the Lord Jesus loves when people including children take time out in their day to pray. Having government bring prayer back into schools is surely a good thing. It encourages unity in the household, creates awareness in consideration of changing what they’re about, and serving our Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. Most importantly, listening and watching a child pray can be the beginning stages of watching that child spiritually grow into a position of leadership whether it be in possibly called to preach by God before a church congregation, or holding an honorable position of leadership in the world of business.

Government will be doing good to the nation by allowing all schools to have prayer. It’s things like prayer whether in the school or anywhere that helps to reduce the crime rate in America and across the world. Whether people want to believe it or not, prayer works and changes negative situations into positive outcomes.

The thought and fact of bringing religion back into government can startle and stir up the American legal system to revise some of their current laws such as the death penalty, harsh sentences for people who commit small criminal offenses, and so on. Florida legal system needs a complete revision of everything they’re about. Bringing religion back in government may perhaps inspire the Florida legal system-Supreme court to re-examine old cases and exonerate-overturn ALL wrongful Florida convictions. Florida's track record of wrongful convictions is cited by many newspapers. Florida by far has the worst track record in America of wrongfully convicting people who never committed the crime.

When you falsely accuse someone of a crime they never committed and think you got away with it, just remember while you think you got away with it and swept under the rug...
knows all about it and will hold you accountable for!

Religion brings about mercy, compassion, and organized leadership through making oneself subject to scriptural law brings about humility and looking at things in a certain light vs. looking at life through a carnal point of view.

Lastly, bringing religion back into government is an open demonstration of a nation striving as one mind to come under the subjection of our Lord Jesus Christ. People are required to adhere to the laws of government. If government raised awareness about religion and the laws of our Lord Jesus and plant a seed in people’s minds and do away with subliminal promotion of homosexuality, raising awareness of our Lord Jesus and Holiness in government will do good further than temporarily reducing the crime rate and encouraging gays to turn their lives around and serve God. Acknowledging Christ in government will bring people together from all walks of life in unity and show humility in government law practices. Though most people will refuse to accept religion-Holiness as a way of life and fail to acknowledge Christ as God Almighty and our Lord and Savior, having government invite religion into their laws and practices increases the probability of enriching the lives of Americans. This is a good thing!

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