There were thousands of people posting a spontaneous saying on their Facebook profiles mentioning somewhere in the ballpark of Mark Zuckerberg allegedly giving away $45 billion in Facebook stock. That's certainly not true. People posted and reposted the random message to their Facebook profiles in hopes of possibly getting a piece of the pie. Truth is, the rumors spread like wildfire across Facebook to the point of major news networks picking up the subject and discussing it. Another truth is Zuck is not giving away one red cent of Facebook stock. At least not to everyday Facebook profile users.

Those who posted the random message to their Facebook walls were gassed up into believing this would allegedly happened. There is no truth behind it and the person who started it lied to you. NBC discusses the false rumor on Zuckerberg. And why did the HuffingtonPost say he was giving away money?

Truth: O' Zuck is giving away money to support philanthropic efforts, not to individual Facebook users at random.