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  • #JordanRetro: Still a Few Sizes Left for #Jordan12Bordeaux

    #MichaelJordqan and #Nike continue to prove the #airJordan #sneaker is #priceless and holds #value. The #Jordan #sneakers have #successfully #withstood the #test of #time & #impact #people from #all #walks of #life long after the #NBAJordan #retirement. #Collecting #Jordans is #good for #business and #vintage #collectors of the #Jordan #classicsneakers. - is currently showing at the time of this post on their website a few good sizes left in the "Nike air Jordan Retro 12 Bordeaux." The "Bordeaux Nike Jordan" is a reinstroduced version of the original "Nike Jordan Retro 12," but with...
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  • #NikeAirJordanRetro: Honest Review of Air Jordan Retro 12 Bordeaux

    #RetroJordan #sneakers by #Nike are always a #bestseller. #MichaelJordan will always be #remembered as an #NBA #basketball #great; leaving behind a #legacy and #forever using his past #careersuccess to continually #market and #sell his #signaturesneaker collection by #Nike. #Jordan12RetroBordeaux now graces the #sneakermarket -

    Is on top of their marketing mix sneaker game or what? You have to give Nike credit when it comes to staying innovative with the amazing Jordan sneaker collection. They always find a unique way to revive retro Jordan sneakers released in the past and make them relevant in today's era. Their unique way of bringing old Jordan sneakers back into existence says a lot about Nike's Air Jordan collection.

    The Nike Air Jordan retro 12 Bordeaux has everyone talking. It's a beautiful sneaker that borderlines the color purple, burgundy, and lavender. Not only is it a beautiful sneaker, but the material is a suede feel. No worries about cleaning your sneakers if you happen to get a tidbit of dirt on them, as you can use a toothbrush take easily clean them.

    'Collectible Jordan Retro Sneaker' Retro 12 Nike Jordan Bordeaux sneaker is surely a winner. This is not the type of sneaker you want to wear every day or every other day. This is the type of sneaker ditch want to wear on special occasions and stay mindful where you wear this sneaker. Believe it or not, there's still people out in the world that are in the business of robbing you for your Jordan's. And they don't care if you're with your special someone. If you're going to pay top dollar for ...
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  • #AirJordanRetro: Honest Review of #NikeAirJordanRetro 6 Alternate

    #NikeRetro6 #Jordanalternate #sneakerbox from #Nike - does it once again with a remastered version of the Michael Jordan Retro 6 alternate sneakers. The Retro 6 Jordans made their debut in 1991 at the virtual height of Michael Jordan's basketball career. 1991 was a year many inner city youth in Brooklyn, New York pledged their loyalty to wearing air Jordan sneakers, as majority of them were robbed of Jordan sneakers in the downtown section of Brooklyn in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford-Stuyvesant, East Flatbush, Crown Heights, Ditmas Park, Starrett City - East New York, and parts of Canarsie nearby Breuklan projects. 1991 was also the year Spike Lee had his 40 acres and a mule store located on the corner of Dekalb Avenue in downtown Brooklyn, down the block from Brooklyn Tech High School.The Retro 6 Jordan sneaker was so popular back in 1991 that many inner city youth were also murdered just for a pair of Jordans. While other inner city youth suffered not owning a pair because their parents couldn't afford them, Nike made it possible today for inner-city youth back then who couldn't afford them to own a pair now. It’s a good thing Nike considered reviving the entire Michael Jordan retro sneaker collection.

    A few cool things to know about the retro 6 alternate Jordans:
    • They have a pretty cool color blend
    • Nike did a fantastic job on the red
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  • #NikeAirMax: Do You Like This #RunningShoe?

    Are you an owner of these fine Air Max sneakers? If so, what's your input on how they feel on your feet? Are they comfortable? Good for running in half & full marathons? Your thoughts?...
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  • #SneakerReview: Classic 1972 Air Blazer Mid by #Nike

    This classic sneaker shoe from Nike could never be forgotten. The Nike Air Blazer Enamel Green is great for casual Fridays on the job. The Blazer Nike Enamel green goes great with jeans, khakis, cargo pants, and blends well with an assortment of colors. And with a great shoe coming back into the new era since its debut in 1972, you can't ignore the unique opportunity of capitalizing on an iconi...
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