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  • #NewYork: The Beauty of the Jamaican Beef Patty

    If you're born and raised in the east Flatbush section of Brooklyn nearby the junction on Flatbush and Nostrand Avenue by the 2 & 5 IRT subway, you know Angel Flakes restaurant has been there for decades. They have the best Jamaican cuisine, ranging from beef patty and cocoa bread, jerk chicken, Ackee and saltfish, escovich fish, curry goat, shrimp roti, and more. The Jamaican beef patty is a New York all time favorite most people outside New York City will most likely not fully comprehend nor appreciate. New York is a multi-cultural society with people introducing all kinds of wonderful foods to the general public. If you've never happy opportunity to experience delicious West Indian food, perhaps this is long overdue for you to take a trip to Flatbush Brooklyn and check out some of the...
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  • #NewYork: Man Slashed in Face in Brooklyn @ #HoytStreet

    We're seeing revelations in today's world that the world is slowly coming to an end. A man in downtown Brooklyn at the Hoyt Street subway station on the 2 IRT line was unfortunately slashed in the face nearby Fulton street, not far from the old Albee Square mall....
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  • #NewYorkCity: More Problems for Mr. #DonaldTrump

    #DonaldTrump might not allegedly be #happy to knwo #AndrewCuomo is still #governor of #NewYork & mostly #won #votes in #Brooklyn

    Andrew Cuomo remains "Governor of New York." Ironically, Cuomo won most of the majority vote in "Brooklyn." Donald J. Trump might not be too happy...
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  • Racist #NewYorkLawyer: He's Apologizing 'Like a Little Boy Should' (Opinion)

    He looks a bit hispanic himself, don't you think? The racist NY lawyer is reported by NYPost.com to have "apologized" for his racist rant. DNN's opinion of him is his job and office space are now allegedly in jeopardy since he wrongfully mouthed off. Soon, his bank accounts mig...
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  • #NewYorkCity: Tourism is Always at an All Time High

    You can achieve more than getting lost in midtown Manhattan if you're from out of town. Toirists of the big apple come from every part of the earth to feel the beautiful experience of what it's like to be in New York City. However, it's too easy to "get lost."...
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  • Remembering #HurricaneSandy in New York City

    Do you remember this moment of tribulation in 2012 when disaster struck New York City?
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Top 5 Foods #NewYorkers Eat

    Top 5 Foods #NewYorkers Eat

    You know someone is from New York City when they love the following foods:Boar's head pastrami remains king of New York due to it's robust taste and satisfaction. ...
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  • Did This Make the #DailyNews or #NY1 When it Happened in #Brooklyn?

    Was this man allegedly drunk or high on drugs when he snatched her purse at Kings Plaza mall on Flatbush and Ave. U in Brooklyn, New York? You can clearly see in the video the man wrestling with the man to steal her purse, then running away only to get caught by shoppers and mall security. He a...
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  • A Virtual Tour of #NYCHousingProjects in #BrownsvilleBrooklyn

    If you've never been to Brownsville Brooklyn, this is your virtual pass to walk through the east New York Brooklyn projects. YouTube video author Sonny Townsend gives you an online tour of the "jects in BK," describing what life was like in his heyday....
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  • What is #50Cent Doing Driving Around #Manhattan Alone?

    Curtis Jackson, known as rapper 50 Cent and founder of Thisis50.com is seen in the YouTube video driving around New York City in a luxury car. Alone? It looks so. And people wonder how many firearms he possibly has in the car with him. What do you think of this?...
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  • Shortlist of Worst Projects in #NewYorkCity

    The following is a shortlist (not all) of some of New York's worst projects you should never walk thru alone. Back in the early to mid 1990's, if you stepped through someone's projects and you had no props (meaning you knew no one there to verify or protect you), chances were you got robbed, shot, or killed. Back then, you couldn't walk in and out of any New York City project wearing Double down goose jacket, Fila.com, TommyUSA.com, PhatFarm.com, Polo.com, Shearling-Sheepskin coats, Timberland.com footwear, nor wearing Michael Jordan sneakers-Polo boots or gold teeth.

    Heads immediately "peeped your steelo," and figured you out in very little time, giving them an opportunity to run up on you either flipping a razor blaze from underneath their tongue and placing it to your side cheek, pulling out a .380 Chrome handgun, or "heads catching wreck" on you (meaning getting a beatdown from a group of young men). Worst New York City "jects" no one should walk in alone: 1. Flatbush Gardens - formerly known as "Veer projects" located on New York and Foster Avenue in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. 2. Hammel projects - Located in Far Rockaway, New York near seaside and Beach Chan...
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  • Boosting #Polo by #RalphLauren is 'Played Out'

    In the late 1980's, a small group of youngsters from Brooklyn formed a crew known as Lo Lives. The Lo Life crew was allegedly started by a guy who calls himself "Rack Lo." In that era, many inner city youth from parts of Brooklyn, particularly from the east Flatbush section, would band together and either ride the bus or most likely the NYC subway to Manhattan with intentions of boosting that Lo. Lo, meaning Polo by Ralph Lauren. Most of the Lo Lives from Brooklyn were so successful at boosting Lo that it became a full-time career for them and an addiction that spilled over into adulthood. Back then, boosting Polo.com was so serious that most Lo heads spent time in Spofford juvenile jail or headed off to Rikers Island all in the name of "boosting that Lo." Back then, if you were seen by yourself and didn't have props with you at the moment moving, cats would run up, circle you, and in some cases, flip a razor blade from underneath their tongue and put it to the side of your face and say "son, run that Lo, son." That's how serious the "Lo movement" was back then in Brooklyn. The Lo movement in Brooklyn became so popular that it spilled over to other boroughs of New York City. Real heads from Flatbush who stayed rocking Lo back in the day:...
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  • Did #DameDash Just Say #JayZ Works With Informants?

    Former Rocafella CEO - music mogul Dame Dash interviewed by Larry King. Dash speaks on Jay-Z, honor code in the streets, and Jay allegedly working with "informants."...
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  • #MrPregnant of #NYC is Trying to Clean Up His Act

    This guy is known for wearing underwear and women's bras walking the street of Manhattan in broad daylight in bird's eye view of NYPD. Yeah, that's right. In the eyes of Po-9 in New York City, that's absolutely legal. He's known to do a lot in public with his either digital camera or portable camera in New York. He has a YouTube c...
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  • #NYPD Officers in #SouthBrooklyn Killed by Gunman

    The New York Post reports two NYPD officers were shot dead "execution style" in Brooklyn. It's unclear why the gunman walked up to the police car. As the New York Post says, NYPD officers were parked and working overtime as part of an "anti-terrorism drill." The Post also goes on to say the gunman fled to a nearby subway station. The gunman is now dead. Why did the gunman open fire unprovoked on two New York City police officers?...
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