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  • #Marriage: You Can't Divorce and Remarry - No Can Do!

    Truth: Society and the courts lie to you. They tell you it's okay to divorce and remarry anytime you please. Did you know no matter what happens in your marriage, after you say "I do" to your husband or wife at the alter, you are married until death? It doesn't matter how many times she or he cheated on you or stole from you. Or even if you had a one night stand and decided to get married the following week, even though the both of you barely knew each other. You said "I do," and that's set in stone as long as both of you are in the land of the living. ...
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  • #Divorce: Divorcing and Marrying a Second Time While Your First is Living is 'Not an Option for You'

    In the eyes of GOD, there is no such thing as marrying someone else while your first spouse is still alive. Wendy Williams discusses divorce. Divorce and remarriage is amongst the hottest discussed topics not just in America, but across the world. When two people marry, are they certain they have paired themselves congruently in spiritual alignment with the right soulmate? Or, just someone to have around as a possibly part-time companion and be intimate with? While emotions and deep feelings play ...
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  • Why It's Not a Good Idea To Get Your Ex Back

    When a relationship is terminated, you should cease from all communication with that person. Does not matter how deep your feelings are for the individual. Cease from any and all communication, whether it be on social media, telephone, or otherwise. No speaking through other people is allowed. Forget ...
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  • Getting Back With Your Ex and Getting Engaged

    When most people break up, the thought of getting back together is a taboo topic. Would you get back with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and become engauged to them for future marriage? This video discusses breakups and makeups in relationships by Tonya TKO....
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