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  • #LaptopReview: #Dell Inspiron 3000 Series 2-in-1 Touch Screen

    Dell Computer corporation continues to do a magnificent job of producing high quality computers for businesses of all sizes, government, and everyday people at affordable prices. Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer Corporation, emerged from humble beginnings starting his computer business out of his college dorm room like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Mr. Dell had a long-term vision where he desired to be as an aspiring entrepreneur and college student, fixing computers for college students at affordable prices. As he gre...
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  • The Business of #ContentMarketing: The Truth Will Set You Free and Empower You for Achieving #SideHustleMillionaire Status

    #ContentMarketing is a #labor of #love for #bloggers & #marketers to #achieve #sidehustlemillionaire #status

    Search engines such as Bing, Excite, Google, and YaHoO! scour the web 24 hours a day looking for fresh and informative content to crawl and list in their search engine results pages. Search engines give preference in terms of listing blogs and websites publish informative content daily in a higher position in search results pages. Bloggers and other content creators who take time to create informative content from scratch and provide useful links relevant resources for more information end up receiving more organic traffic in the long run vs. sites who scrape content from others illegally, sites who publish 1 to 2 paragraph blog posts-webpages will only seek quick indexing in the moment by search engine spiders in search results pages, and sites who only publish 1 to 2 sentences that may possibly published 10 to 20 times daily " the sites possibly consist of entertainment-music industry blog updates on your favorite music artists." Another words, the more quality time a blogger or content creator invests in publishing something worthwhile to read that's not a quick blurb, the more they are rewarded by search engines without resorting to paid one dime in advertising to get residual traffic from search engine results pages.

    Building Your Business Site With Content One thing millions of everyday people don't know is they can start a blog or website without prior experience. Getting started is not as difficult as most people think. You'll first need a domain name and web hosting package to host your blog-website on. Once a domain name and web hosting has been secured, you can install blog or website software on your web hosting package as the first step in getting started "building your business site with lots and lots of content." WordPress is one of the most flexible and easy blog CMS content publishing platforms available. It's free! Once WordPress has been installed o...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Thinking Above Average to Leverage #AffiliateMarketing to Your #SideHustle #InternetMarketing #Advantage

    It's an uncertain world out there when you're just starting out in the world of affiliate Internet marketing. Most of the education you'll gain as an affiliate marketer-blogger will come from performing searches in your preferred search engine to get more information on how to be better in this line of work. While some colleges today are teaching Internet marketing in college classrooms, it's highly likely they are getting their information to teach in the college classroom from reading blo...
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