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  • #DonaldTrump Needs to do the #Transformation Work and #LoseWeight

    How many people agree it's long overdue for Donald Trump to get started on a new year's goal and achieve 2019 weight loss?
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Everyday People Like You Who Went From Ordinary to Extraordinary Becoming #Millionaires

    It's time to stop doubting yourself. It's time to stop worry about what people think of you. It's time to take all the negativity from past employers, family members, past failed relationships, every wrong thing someone has said or done to you and turn it into spiritual and physical profit. ...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: The Rise of #SideHustles is Changing the #History of #HumanThought

    #onlinemarketing is the #way to #greatness & #starting a #sidehustle by #working from #home. #affiliatemarketing, #blogging, and other #forms of #contentmarketing can #help you #earn a #fulltime #income & never #work a #dayjob again

    Where is job security in America today? Does it matter if you have a college degree and employed with the company or government organization for 20 or 30 years. If someone doesn't like you for whatever reason such as a co-worker or even your direct employer and have it out for you in secrecy because you just don't fit in with company culture, claim religion on the job shamelessly and willingly risk wrongful termination, dress or talk differently from others that puts you in a class of a stand-alone individual on the job, anyone you work with can quietly have you ousted from your employment while she or he sits back and laughs in secrecy before and after your wrongful termination. They may pounce briefly past your workstation and give hints about your upcoming termination by mentioning during passing in conversation with another employee “give it some time.” Or something else could happen where as you receive a pink slip and get laid off shortly before your upcoming retirement whereas you have to start all over again and possibly work another 25 to 30 years before seeing a healthy pension check. Gone are the days I'm having a secure job in any field of work because we're living in an era of economic uncertainty. Despite living in an era of economic and unemployment uncertainty, there still opportunity to supplement your existing income with potential income to be earned possibly 24 hours a day through the awesome power of putting the internet to work for you. Many people go to work as employees who absolutely hate their jobs. Realistically, if you don’t have a business, you have the worker job in order to have some type of legitimate income for yourself so you can keep a roof over your head, food in the refrigerator, bills paid, and decent clothes on your back, as well as food in the mouths of your children if you have any. Many people walk around with the entrepreneurial spirit in them and either don’t know how to get started with their own side hustle business, or simply don’t have the money or the time to invest in their own entrepreneurial ventures and continued to go to work as miserable employees. The beauty of the Internet allows anyone to start a business as a part-time side hustle while keeping their day job and work from home online as a means of building up a secondary income your employer doesn’t have to know anything about. In fact, starting an online side hustle, with the right effort and creativity intact and investing longevity into your online business venture, will free you from traditional employment and help you become a future side hustle millionaire. Many people have started from the bottom with affiliate marketing, blogging and content marketing as a means of going for broke to side hustle millionaires. Content is king o...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Words of Hope for #Furloughed #FederalGovernment #Employees

    It’s sad Donald Trump continues holding civilian federal workers hostage as they suffer from a furlough them in a government shutdown because of his temper tantrum after originally claimed Mexico would pay for. It’s not the civilian workers faults that Donald Trump is not getting his way with the Democrats in achieving the funding he’s hoping for.

    There has to be more to it than Donald Trump just wanting to put up a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. He’s requesting $5 billion and most people feel that’s more than enough to put up steel wall to separate the United States from Mexico. It’s also sad that furloughed government workers have to sit at home without pay and be at the mercy of landlords and creditors while they’re out of work due to no fault of their own. But the good news is, furloughed federal government workers in Washington can make the painful transformation from employee to entrepreneur thanks to the awesome power of the Internet.

    'Working Your Online Side Hustle From Home' The Internet allows anyone to start a business working from the comfort of their home and engage in online marketing without previous experience. Have you ev...
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  • #ContentMarketing: It is What it Is - Put Forth Effort by Writing "Lots and Lots of Content" and You'll Never Have to Work a #DayJob Ever Again!

    The beauty of not having traditional job security in America today is investing quality time in yourself to create lots and lots of context for the purpose of making content marketing a full-time career working from home or anywhere on your laptop or wifi-enabled phone. And the beauty of creating lots of lots of content is you can use the awesome power of your voice combined with an awesome speech recognition program to make a full-time content marketing career for yourself through affiliate marketing and blogging and taking time to answer people's questions personally. This is why you should love content marketing because not only does it enable you to work from anywhere in the world with my smartphone or laptop, but it can also improve your natural search engine rankings and increase affiliate income simultaneously. ...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: #AffiliateMarketing and #Blogging Can Help #FederalEmployees Overcome a #Furlough and Defeat the #GovernmentShutdown

    Starting a blog is not easy. You probably know that in order to make this a full-time job, you're going to have to invest quality time into it by creating lots and lots of quality content. And the quality content created for your blog is going to require you to think creatively outside the box, making time to sit down at your computer desk or somewhere quiet at your desktop PC or on your laptop churning out content to your hearts content. truth is, if you want blogging to work for you, you have to put in work. There's no such thing as get rich quick overnight or push a button and watch automated profits come in. Blogging can be the ultimate side hustle that helps you make the succe...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: You Don't Have to Settle for a 'Sloppy Seconds Paycheck' From a #Narcissist #Employer

    Truth: Your employer will never pay you what you feel you're worth. Why? Your narcissist, arrogant, self-centered, demonically filled employer wants to keep you in financial...
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  • #BloombergDelaware: #Finance, #Media and #SalesJobs in #WilmingtonDelaware at #BloombergNews?

    If you have a mind for journalism, sales, media or finance, Bloomberg.com is possibly hiring in Wilmington, Delaware. Bloomberg News is the leader in financial reporting and in the industry of finance. Michael R. Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City and graduate of Johns Hopkins Hospital, is the founder. Bloomberg L.P. is a company of stability and growth and continues going strong since 1981. "Bloomberg News Delaware" 1201 N. Market Street Wilmington, Delaware 19801 "Bloomberg News - Wilmington, Delaware" is conveniently located inside the building you see above via Google Maps. That same building houses other financial institutions such as Chase.com, etc. And that is also considered the "tallest building in the state of Delaware." As of 12-31-2018, Bloomberg BNA in Wilmington, Delaware is currently looking to hire a "...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome Debt and #BoostCreditScore

    Fact: Almost everyone in the past and even today made enormous mistakes in their judgment with credit cards, loans, cash advances, etc. everyone makes financial mistakes, even the...
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  • #NewYork: The Beauty of the Jamaican Beef Patty

    If you're born and raised in the east Flatbush section of Brooklyn nearby the junction on Flatbush and Nostrand Avenue by the 2 & 5 IRT subway, you know Angel Flakes restaurant has been there for decades. They have the best Jamaican cuisine, ranging from beef patty and cocoa bread, jerk chicken, Ackee and saltfish, escovich fish, curry goat, shrimp roti, and more. The Jamaican beef patty is a New York all time favorite most people outside New York City will most likely not fully comprehend nor appreciate. New York is a multi-cultural society with people introducing all kinds of wonderful foods to the general public. If you've never happy opportunity to experience delicious West Indian food, perhaps this is long overdue for you to take a trip to Flatbush Brooklyn and check out some of the...
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