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  • #Relationships: The Hard and Sad Truth About Women Wanting Men for 'Success Status'

    Men: Ever felt like you opened your mouth about your personal history too soon and told that woman too much? Guess what? It was meant to happen. The woman you desire to have was probably not a good spiritual fit. Your eyes and lust was probably getting the best of you in the moment. Checking out her thighs. Her "feets." How high and low her upper femininity was developed. Guess...
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  • #BloggingIncome: Alex and Lauren From CreateandGo.co Are Increasing $ gUaP $!

    Here's a duo that went from struggling in the infancy of starting their blog to becoming side hustle millionaires with affiliate marketing and blogging. Alex and Lauren from Create and Go continue doing well with their blogging venture. Stay tuned for more on their monthly blog income reports....
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  • #ElChapo: Is Donald Trump Jumping for Joy Now That Guzman Got Life in Prison?

    Jurors in Brooklyn, New York convicted Mexican Drug kingpin El Chapo in Brooklyn Federal Court. He was the head of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel in Mexico. The world wonders what Donald Trump is thinking. Food for thought: Do you think Donald is allegedly rejoicing that El Chapo is now convicted on all 10 charges and has a life in prison sentence imposed on El Chapo? Your thoughts on this?...
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  • #DelawareEmployment: 5 Jobs to Closely Eye for #Employment in February 2019

    #February 2019: #Jobs for #Delaware #residents in #healthcare, #construction, #foodservice, #housekeeping, #accountspayable, #temporarystaffing, #technology, #education & more.

    Delaware employment opportunities are steadily growing throughout New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County. Jobs in retail, education, technology, banking, construction, HVAC, Delaware law careers, production jobs in Delaware, and healthcare are looking now to hire job candidates, most positions with no previous experience required. The good news is, whatever your field of interest is for employment in New Castle County Delaware, you can get in on the entry level and work your way up by gaining valuable experience along the way as a new hire of the company. There’s a job somewhere in Delaware just for you without you knowing it right now. Share this post with everyone on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, and feel free to discuss in YouTube.com videos.

    If you’re not in the market for job right now, here this with someone you know is looking for gainful employment in New Castle County, Delaware.

    15 jobs to take a close look at in February 2019 for potential employment in Delaware:

    Placers - They recently had a job fair at the Penn Cader Department of Labor in Newark, Delaware on January 14, 2019. While it’s unclear if they’re still looking to hire for the aforementioned positions, it’s still a good idea to reach out to MyPlacers.com and inquire about Delaware employment in New Castle County. The following positions placers temporary staffing agency is probably still looking to fill range anywhere from:
    • Accounts payable/receivable clerk
    • Forklift operator
    • Assistant office manager
    • Executive housekeeper
    • Housekeeper
    • Special education teacher
    • Parcel courier
    • Data entry clerk
    • And more jobs “mentioned on job description flyer”
    Placers Delaware temporary staffing agency location: 1501 Casho Mill Rd #9 Newark, DE 19711 Phone: (302) 266-0860 It’s a good idea to head on down to Newark, Delaware to placers Delaware temp agency office to register as a new potential temporary employee and inquire in person about potential positions readily available for Delaware residents. They possibly have part-time positions with employe...
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  • #EmploymentDelaware: Guess Who's #Hiring in #NewarkDelaware? Put Your #EmploymentApplication in Now (Pronto)!

    #Employment #outlook in the #StateOfDelaware in #NewCastleCounty/ #NewarkDelaware - #February 2019

    You're probably one of thousands of people throughout the state of Delaware actively seeking gainful employment. Good news is, February 2019 as a good employment line up for qualified and inexperienced job candidates looking for employment in New Castle County.

    HomeDepot.com is hiring!

    Positions Home Depot in Newark, Delaware is currently hiring:

    Merchandise associate - This position requires having general knowledge of Home Depot products and services and provides comprehensive training to new hires. The merchandise associate will be charged with the responsibility of having...
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  • #PersonalDebt: Use The Internet and Start a Business if You Want to Be a Future #SideHustleMillionaire

    It's not easy building an online business from the ground floor up and overcoming personal debt in hopes of being a future "side hustle millionaire," but all worth "doing the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation." You can defeat the next upcoming government shutdown by getting started online today and quit putting off your dreams of buckling down on entrepreneurship. Millions of dollars quietly await to be made online. And you can be one of those people that potentially makes money on the internet 24 hours a day. Sto...
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  • #ContentMarketing: Ways to Use Blogging, Sales, and Web Traffic for Recurring Income (Write Content)!

    Using #contentmarketing as a #way to #drivetraffic to a #blog or #websites - Make sure you have a #self #hosted #WordPress blog on a #cloudserver or #dedicatedserver ot #handle #large #sums of #webtraffic from #searchengines & #socialnetworks so you can have #thousands of #people on your #site @ #once.

    Quora.com is the ideal place for people new to Internet marketing to ask any and all types of questions in hopes of gaining a better understanding how to use the Internet to possibly make money online 24 hours a day.

    A Quora user posted the following question in the latter part of 2018:

    Question: What are the best ways to drive traffic to your website (paid & not paid)?

    Answer: The free way to promote your site is to create quality written content everyday. If you’re looking to be a side hustle millionaire, you can use your smartphone to speak content in draft mode into a Google Docs document and proofread it before publishing the final copy. Speaking your content lets you publish longer content which in turn helps you get better SEO, resulting in more traffic, sales, and living the 100% dot com lifestyle. Content is the lifeblood of the Internet. It's not as hard as you think it is. The first step you need to take in driving traffic to your blog or website, if you already haven't done so, is purchase a reliable cloud server or dedicated Web server and install WordPress on your server. WordPress is absolutely free of charge and it's the best blogging semanti...
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  • #DelawareEmployment: Try These Sources for #Education and #Jobs in #NewCastleCounty (February 2019)

    #Employment & #Education #opportunities for #qualified #job #candidates in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware and #Pennsylvania - #share this #content on #Twitter, #Pinterest, #YouTube, #LinkedIn, #Quora, #Facebook & #Snapchat

    February 2019 is right around the corner though today is January 30, 2019. The Delaware workforce is increasing this year despite the government shutdown. This creates on-the-fly opportunities for people seeking gainful employment to apply and interview for positions in companies that pay healthy salaries. Know someone looking for work or are you currently in the job market in Delaware seeking employment?

    Share this thread with everyone you know on Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com and Pinterest.com.

    5 open and available opportunities in New Castle County or candidates seeking employment and higher education:

    CNC Machine Operator - Allied Precision Contract Manufacturing in Middletown, Delaware is currently looking to hire qualified job candidates for the position of machine operators. This job is currently open to candidates looking to learn a new trade. According to the job description flyer, it mentions nothing about having previous experience. As a CNC machine operator, you’re required to be attentive and punctual to your job. In other words, if your schedule to start work at 9 AM, to good idea to be at the job at around 8:30 AM or no later than 8:45 AM so you’re ahead of the game in starting your scheduled shift. Employers look at things like that immediately upon hiring new employees and throughout the duration of your employment. Being punctual and showing up to work for time and starting your shift as scheduled plays a significant factor in your pay raise and other employment perks. Show up on time, do the job, and you’ll be A+ ok. You need to be a humble servant. What’s meant by this is you need to follow verbal and written procedures/directions given by department managers or your direct supervisor. Following verbal and written procedures/directions is listed on the job description flyer and is strictly enforced upon hiring as a new employee. You also need to load and run material on CNC mills and lathes, according to the employment wire description. Other duties you’ll be performing consists of monitoring quality of parts being produced, maintaining a clean and tidy work area, and any other duties as assigned according to abilities “listed in the job Flyer description.” You also need to have a willingness to learn and the ability to stand for long periods of time and lift a...
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  • #ClassifiedAdvertising: Should Your Startup Target Local Advertisers to Place Ads Before Going Global?

    #onlinemarketing, #contentdevelopment, and #localmarketing can help #websiteowners #best #understand their #advertiser #audience when it comes to #contentmarketing & #online #classifiedadvertising

    A Quora.com user posted a question today and curious how to go about attracting and promoting their new classified advertising directory startup.

    Question: When starting a classifieds ad's website, is it better to allow people to advertise by location or categories in a single country only (not worldwide)?

    Answer: It's a good idea two people advertise by location and categories before going worldwide and here's why. For starters, anyone who starts a classified advertising website wants to better understand their demographic audience from a marketer's perspective by starting out small. Of course, you want your classified and website to go global. What...
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  • #WebHosting: Not a Good Idea to Use Free Servers for Your Online Business

    #freehosting for your #onlinebusiness is not #good for #business. If you #hope to be a #sidehustlemillionaire, you want to use #cloudhosting or #dedicatedservers for your #WordPress #blog or #static #HTML #website

    Serious about building a million-dollar online business that'll make you money 24 hours a day while you're sleeping? Free web hosting is not the way to go…

    The following questions are from Quora.com users looking for information on "effective web hosting": What are the best free web hosting services? While some people support free hosting services to host a blog, website or other types of scripts on, free hosting is definitely not the solution you want if you're looking to build a million-dollar online business from the ground floor up. One thing to know about free hosting is you allegedly don't have complete control-functionality over the administrative functions on your back and ...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Creating the Life of #WorkingFromHome Using #AffiliateMarketing and #Blogging

    Fact: Anyone with a willing mind change your thought patterns and believe in their ability enough to the point of putting their faith in action with work to build a business online can possibly put themselves in the future financial position of earning money full-time by working from the comfort of their home and making money 100% online possibly 24-hour present day through "affiliate marketing and blogging." Another fact: this government shutdown is really out of hand. Donald Trump is currently holding too much power and has jeopardized the lives of over half 1 million federal government workers in Washington, DC. Most employees in any line of work whether it's government, public sector, private sector or even nickel and dime jobs work paycheck to paycheck. No one can afford to have their livelihood taken away without a backup plan. Working online as a side hustle using affiliate marketing and blogging to put yourself in the future physician of making money online 100% possibly 24-hour visit day is the ultimate backup plan and here's why. search engines like Microsoft's Bing....
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  • #Employment: Atlantic Water Products in #NewCastle is Hiring

    Atlantic Water Products is having a face to face on the spot interview-job fair today. *Please bring a valid ID *Dress casual *Time- 1pm. *When you arrive ask for Paula at the front desk *For any further questions call 302-545-0393 ...
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  • #StateofDelaware: 10 Places for Apply for #Employment in New Castle County

    #Gainful #employment in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware is possible in #2019. Looking for a #job in #education, #realestate, #banking, or #marketing? #Share #content from this #page with #friends, #family, #neighbors & #people about #DelawareEmployment in #NewCastle #county

    The government shutdown left over 500K people in “employment limbo.” Federal government workers in Washington, DC are still furloughed and worried about their future as most work paycheck to paycheck. Good news is, despite the current employment adversity happening in America, there still a plethora of employment opportunities throughout the state of Delaware the public sector, private sector, and corporate. If you’ve just graduated from college, in between jobs, looking for something part time, or searching for full-time work in any field ranging from call center, banking, finance, construction, healthcare, fitness, or education, you came to the right place. This forum will be updated regularly in 2019 with unique employment opportunities for people with special skill sets. If you’re hoping to achieve full time employment with the state of Delaware, just know that the current shutdown in Washington doesn’t affect unemployment on the state level and you won’t be furloughed after achieving gainful employment as a civil servant of Delaware.

    Are you looking for job right now in New Castle County Delaware? Are you sick and tired of the job you working on and your narcissist employer secretly mistreating you? Are you sick and tired of feeling as if your employer is robbing you of a pay raise and a promotion because they dislike you for a certain reason such as claiming religion on the job or telling your employer they’re wrong when they’re actually wrong for talking to you in treating you some kind of way in front of customers and coworkers? Perhaps the opportunities listed below will be of some or partial interest to you. If you’re not in the job market right now in New Castle County, Delaware and knows someone currently seeking gainful employment with good pay, you’re more than welcome to share this thread with your family, friends, neighbors and others on your favorite social networks like Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, and share the link to this page in YouTube.com videos.

    10 employment opportunities currently available in New Castle County:

    NAOS On-Site Staffing @ Republic Services - Republic services is one of the leading waste management services throughout the state of Delaware and has a corporate office in New Castle County. They always looking to hire qualified job candidates for positions in the waste management industry. While it’s unclear for now if they’re looking to hire “Delaware waste management job candidates in New Castle County” for part-time positions, if “waste management employment New Castle County” is on your short list for gainful employment and seeking to get your foot in the door in a speedy way, the best choice for you right now is to contact NAOS on-site staffing to inquire further about...
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  • #POTUS: #DonaldTrump Makes Quick Touchdown in the #StateofDelaware at #DoverAirForceBase in #DoverDelaware

    Trump.com touched down today in slower lower Dover, Delaware for a meeting of the minds with families at Dover Air Force Base who's loved ones were killed in the line of duty in Syria....
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