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  • #NYPD Giving Out Summonses for #Hoverboards?

    Since when is hoverboarding illegal in New York City? This YouTuber alleges that NYPD enforces a possible law in the big apple that hoverboarding is against NYC law. Is this so?...
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  • A Virtual Tour of #NYCHousingProjects in #BrownsvilleBrooklyn

    If you've never been to Brownsville Brooklyn, this is your virtual pass to walk through the east New York Brooklyn projects. YouTube video author Sonny Townsend gives you an online tour of the "jects in BK," describing what life was like in his heyday....
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Dangers of Walking Alone in #Brooklyn

    Dangers of Walking Alone in #Brooklyn

    If you've never been to Brooklyn alone, not born in Brooklyn, nor experienced the real life as a Brooklynnite, don't walk from Brooklyn alone. No matter if it's Flatbush Brooklyn, Brownsville Brooklyn, any part of East New York Brooklyn, Crown Heights, Ditmas park, Mill basin, Marine Park, Bensonhurst, Fort Hamilton, Park slope, Clinton Hill, or Fort Greene. Back in the early 80s and mid-1990s, Brooklyn was somewhat safe to walk through alone, even if it was neighborhoods where you knew absolutely no one. Starting in the mid to late 1990s, if you sometimes walk through a neighborhood alone and was in your teenage years or early 20s and had on name brand clothes such as Polo by Ralph La...
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  • Growing Up in #NewYorkCity and Making it Out Alive

    If you were born and grew up in the era when Mario Cuomo was governor of New York and Ed Koch was mayor when New York experienced unexpected blackouts, this was the time when things were tough. Throughout parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx, burned and abandoned buildings occupy many blocks in those boroughs. Financial resources were scarce to completely fund New York City public schools. Many parents couldn't afford to place their children in private schools to gain a quality education. The New York City public school system was flooded with children from the five boroughs of the Empire State, indirectly creating chaos among children who had proper home training versus those who were raised right with no home training whatsoever. Growing up in New York City is more difficult than people think.

    New York City had its fair share of crime. Back in the day, you had crews in Brooklyn known as decepticons, Lo Lives, Steam team, graffiti artists, Flatbush Pulley Kids, PBS from Brooklyn "Paying Back Society," ft. Graffiti artist Dinker "Dink," and violet crews in the Bronx-Harlem. If they saw you by yourself walking back in the day and you were dressed down in Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo boots, Girbaud and Guess
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  • #Motorcycle Riding in #Brooklyn is Dangerous

    This is a day in the life of wild cats in Flatbush Brooklyn. They ride motorcycles up and down side streets. Back in the day on Vandalia Avenue via Pennsylvania Avenue in East New York's Starrett City apartment complex, motorcycles and cars would gather on late Sunday nights to race on the sid...
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  • Shortlist of Worst Projects in #NewYorkCity

    The following is a shortlist (not all) of some of New York's worst projects you should never walk thru alone. Back in the early to mid 1990's, if you stepped through someone's projects and you had no props (meaning you knew no one there to verify or protect you), chances were you got robbed, shot, or killed. Back then, you couldn't walk in and out of any New York City project wearing Double down goose jacket, Fila.com, TommyUSA.com, PhatFarm.com, Polo.com, Shearling-Sheepskin coats, Timberland.com footwear, nor wearing Michael Jordan sneakers-Polo boots or gold teeth.

    Heads immediately "peeped your steelo," and figured you out in very little time, giving them an opportunity to run up on you either flipping a razor blaze from underneath their tongue and placing it to your side cheek, pulling out a .380 Chrome handgun, or "heads catching wreck" on you (meaning getting a beatdown from a group of young men). Worst New York City "jects" no one should walk in alone: 1. Flatbush Gardens - formerly known as "Veer projects" located on New York and Foster Avenue in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. 2. Hammel projects - Located in Far Rockaway, New York near seaside and Beach Chan...
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  • #LoLife Movement in #Brooklyn and Throughout #NYC

    To this very day, cats are still striving to keep the legacy of Lo Life alive. Even rapper Jay-Z Read “BK Anthem” by Jay Z on Genius knew about the shiesty Lo Life movement. Back then, if you rocked that Lo and you walked for self, the best choice was to stay nearby the "yibs." Yibs, meaning where you lived. Today, it doesn't mean anything to boost Polo.com anymore. It was just a phase of life for most inner city youth back in the early 1990's. ...
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  • Upcoming Event: Rock N' Roll #Brooklyn Half #Marathon - October 2015

    If you've never ran a marathon before now's the time to consider. Not only does it help improve mental and physical health, but it's also physically and spiritually liberating. And yes, there is such a thing called "runner's high," a natural feeling of euphoria experienced when a person loses a significant amount of weight and in tip top shape + metabolism is virtually moving at light speed. Completing marathons whether it's a half 13.1 mile marathon or a full 26.2 mile marathon produces a lifetime feeling of personal achievement. There's more to running marathons and putting on pretty running shoes, drinking protein shakes, doing times of cardio on the treadmill and at the local state park, and eating right. Training for marathons is more of a spiritual goal and mental challenge in bein...
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  • #Transgender Fights #Heterosexual Man in #NYCSubway Station

    This is only some of the unlimited nonsense you'll see in New York City. In the Big Apple, you'll see anything ranging from topless females at times square with body paint across their chest "completely legal," people dancing up and down poles on New York City subway trains in hopes of panhandling for money, people allegedly kissing and feeling on body parts in public on the New York City subway train between stations, and so much more. You'll also see nonsense in New York City such as Mr. pregnant: New York City is home to the methods of March madness. It's also the home of some of the most successful actors, rappers, and technology start up founders. Be prepared to virtually see anything next time you visit NYC....
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Memories of #Chinatown

    Memories of #Chinatown

    In the late 80s and early 1990s, inner-city youth from Flatbush Brooklyn, Harlem, and the Bronx would take the New York City subway to Chinatown. People spent large sums of money in Chinatown for purposes ranging from purchasing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food from real Oriental kitchens on Canal St. or nearby cana...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Good Days of #NewYorkCity

    Good Days of #NewYorkCity

    These are the good days in the #SouthBronx during the roaring 1980's in New York City.

    This era produced some of the greatest vintage hit movies such as:
    • Beat Street
    • E.T.
    • Footloose
    • Ghostbusters
    • Goonies
    • Krush
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  • #NYCSubway: #NewYorkCitySubway Trains in the 1970s

    The New York City subway played a beautiful role in the lives of those born and bred in the Empire state. Back in the good old days, subways throughout the five boroughs helped people get to and from work who are retired today. Most people fell in love joyriding New York City subway trains writing from ...
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  • #NYPD Officers in #SouthBrooklyn Killed by Gunman

    The New York Post reports two NYPD officers were shot dead "execution style" in Brooklyn. It's unclear why the gunman walked up to the police car. As the New York Post says, NYPD officers were parked and working overtime as part of an "anti-terrorism drill." The Post also goes on to say the gunman fled to a nearby subway station. The gunman is now dead. Why did the gunman open fire unprovoked on two New York City police officers?...
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  • Life in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn for the Middle Class

    This is a treat for those who've never been to New York. Ever wondered what life was like in Brooklyn, yet, any other borough of NYC? Get an inside glimpse at what life is like for the working middle-class in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn....
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  • Home of Brooklyn's Founder of DrewryNewsNetwork.com

    No one ever forgets their humble beginnings. This is the home of the founder of DrewryNewsNetwork. Be grateful where you come from. Even if it's from the projects. Those who are most successful today had it the worst in the beginning stages of life. The struggle is what you've became now. ...
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