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  • #SideHustle: What Does it Take for You to Get Organized and Start a Business Now?

    Money classics, summed up in one sentence from CNBC. Some people think it's too good to be true. It just can't happen to them. Success, that is. It's impossible for them to overcome personal debt, live financially secure, and quit your day job from working for an unthankful employer who's probably robbing your paycheck in front of your face virtually under the table and wants you out of the company for standing up to them when they verbally try to walk over top of you. Did you know you can start a side hustle online and make your own hours whereas you're working on an online business project, with the potential to become a online millionaire in possibly less than 5 years? Grant Sabatier of MillennialMoney.com did it. Many more did it. In fact, Chase Bank discusses side hustles. Does it take reading a transformation business success story of someone you personally know that went from going broke or living at home with their parents to becoming a millionaire? Grant Sabatier was living with his parents when he started his online side hustle working from home. Many people started out broke, wrongfully terminated from their jobs by their employer setting them up in secrecy to be fired because of personal vendettas against a targeted employee, and some were homeless or on food stamps. ...
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  • #SideHustle: How to Tap into #Amazon, #Facebook, and #Google's Profits

    Information technology has afforded everyone the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere as a part-time or full-time side hustle. Side hustling is nothing more than a coined term for doing something on the side you're passionate about. If it's event planning, cooking BBQ dinners for customers, crocheting, buying and selling from consignment shops, blogging, vlogging on YouTube.com, etc. The opportunities are endless when it comes to side hustles.

    Related: Starting A Business? 13 Critical Things To Do Before You Quit Your Day Job - Forbes.com So you're probably wondering how you can possibly tap in...
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    started a blog post #GungHo: Energy Bar Helps Boost Memory Retention?
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    #GungHo: Energy Bar Helps Boost Memory Retention?

    A new energy bar that graced the health and nutrition market is getting lots of buzz on the world's most popular video site. While surfing on YouTube this morning, a video entitled "Paying for People's Groceries" showed up on YouTube.com homepage. Curious, the video was viewed and it showed a young man walking thorough what looks like a grocery isle. While following...
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  • #BaltimoreMaryland: #Salvation Army Opens First Supermarket 'In the Hood'

    Patricia Bragg of famous Apple Cider Vinegar site Bragg.com and CEO of Bragg nutrition posted a link to her Facebook.com wall today. The Santa Barbara, California native shared a link from Supermarketnews.com. Salvation Army company details - Bloomberg.com In the article, it mentions that the Salvation Army has made a serious move. The non-profit organization strives for excellence to help the homeless like the YMCA does and offer quality goods below retail prices has officially opened a supermarket in Baltimore, Maryland. ...
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  • #SideHustle: It's Never Too Late to Start Your Own Business Regardless of Age

    Have you ever had anyone near you tell you you're too old or it's too late in life for you to start your own business and should resort to your regular day job for financial security? If you ever heard those ugly words from anyone whether it's a family member, narcissist employer, phony friend, or someone you know in your neighborhood, it's because they don't want you to live to your full potential and flourish ahead of them in being a productive individual of society. People who have a tendency of trying to instill limiting beliefs in others are nothing more than natural born narcissists. They will indirectly speak to you and tell you everything you're short and such as weight loss, finances, real estate, etc. What you may or may not see in yourself in the moment someone else will. The narcissist, whoever it is, will say and do things to suppress your personal beliefs. Believe it or not, negative thoughts and sayings from others have a unique way of positively encouraging a person to start a business and use past negative ...
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  • Thanks to Supporters in #Texas, #Colorado, #California and #OntarioCanada

    It's alot of work in keeping website content updated, as the internet world is forever changing. When technology virtually evolves overnight, it requires any site owner to quickly adapt to the ever-changing internet portal of free information. With that said, DrewryNewsNetwork thanks site supporters in Texas, California, Colorado, Toronto Ontario, Virginia, and other states for continually stopping by and spending your precious time on ...
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    started a blog post #Money: What Do You Do With Pennies?
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    #Money: What Do You Do With Pennies?

    Most people shrug off pennies as useless coins. Why shrug off pennies as coins deemed worthless, when you can save them up to cash in years later? Some people who dismiss pennies as useless coins are allegedly "instant gratification seekers." They failed to acknowledge that saving pennies can po...
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  • #FemaleThoughtLeaders: Always Honor and Value Them

    There are some men who don't appreciate seeing women in a position of power, because some of them may allegedly feel threatened that a woman can multitask and successfully perform the same functions as a male leader. Female leadership is to be appreciated by both genders. Plain and simple.

    • Women In Fintech: Normalizing And Celebrating Female Leadership - Forbes.com
    • The 8 Best Small Business Grants for Women Entrepreneurs - Fundera.com
    • Seven Great Funding Opportunities For Female Entrepreneurs - Forbes.com
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  • #Entrepreneurship: Can Someone be Too Old to #StartABusiness and Be a #SideHustleMillionaire ?

    You're never too old to learn. In the world of business online or off-line, entrepreneurs are always learning and applying their skills to being better.

    are fine examples of honorable leadership and individuals who are learning more everyday. Life experience is also the best schooling experience of becoming a great leader and inspiring aspiring leaders. Katie Morrell.com of OPENForum wrote an interesting article in 2011 discussing the topic of "should entrepreneurs go back to school." Katie is honorable writer, ...
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    started a blog post #DonaldTrump: Update on #Twitter
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    #DonaldTrump: Update on #Twitter

    #USA🇺🇸 #Japan🇯🇵 pic.twitter.com/EvxFqAVnFS— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2017 The latest tweet from Donald Trump in Japan....
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  • #QuitYourDayJob: 5 Reasons Why #Blogging Should be Your #SideHustle

    #sidehustling is the best way to overcome a #narcissistemployer who thinks they can say and do anything they want and treat #people any kind of way. A #sidehustle #blog is a great way to #build your #business and turn your #dreams into a #reality. Your #entrepreneurial #spirit lies within. Take control of your #life now and #start a #sidehustleblog - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/affiliate-marketing/web-startup-ideas

    Have you been on your job too long whereas you felt it's time for change? Are you currently happy with your salary as an employee who puts forth sincere effort for their employer only to get a virtual slap in your face? It's time for you to start your side hustle and take control of your life as an aspiring entrepreneur.

    The side hustle is your key to financial freedom. However, the side hustle is not for lazy people. If you're not a self-driven individual whereas you can't progress without someone standing over top of your shoulder and literally pressuring you to get things done, working online as a freelance entrepreneur is not for you. If you can't work on your own and use past experience as a current tool for entrepreneurial motivation, you're better off staying on your cushy job.

    People who made it big with their side hustles: Ryan Biddulph - BloggingFromParadise.com Michelle Schroeder-Gardner - MakingSenseofCents.com Grant Sabatier - MillennialMoney.com John Chow - JohnChow.com Nick Loper - SideHustleNation.com Ryan Robinson - RyRob.com Jon Morrow - SmartBlogger.com Darren Rowse - ProBlogger.com Kyle Taylor - ThePennyHoarder.com and too many more to mention. A few good reasons why you need to get started with a blogging side hustle: 1. Purchase a domain name and secure a dedicated web server. Free blogging platforms such as blogger.com, tumblr.com, livejournal.com, and typepad.com (a six apart company who also owns LiveJournal.com) are great places to get your feet wet and creative online writing. The flip side is you don't want to use these free platforms as a means of building a serious business blog. Reason being is because if anyone wants your content deleted for any reason, all they have to do is keep flagging your blog posts even if your blogs have no objectionable content. With your own domain name and dedicated web hosting, you have complete functionality over everything your blog displays. No one can flag your content for any reason other than your writing openly displays a threat to United States national interests or possibly openly displaying death threats targeting someone. As long as your blog discusses decent things, no one can shut you down. 2. Your boss will never pay you what you feel you're truly worth. You're an employee for the company for a reason. Working for your employer is not tailored to help you gain financial freedom. You're an employee because you're a helping hand in keeping that company richer. It's your efforts and personality that puts more money in your employer's pocket. Whereas you feel you are entitled to a raise and more and possibly deserving of commissions, your overlooked and laughed at by your employer and acting boss i...
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  • #SideHustle: The Time is Now to Start #SideHustling in #Entrepreneurship

    Have you been on your job too long and feel change is needed in your life? Are you currently happy with your salary as an employee who puts forth sincere effort for their employer only to get a virtual slap in your face? It's time for you to start your side hustle and take control of your life as an aspiring entrepreneur. As some employers in America continue getting away with under the table disrespect to targeted employees, it should be looked at as a silent ...
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  • #Chanel: Meet the Owners of Your Mother and Wife's Favorite Perfume

    Does the Wertheimer family have their hands in the energy-petroleum markets, or, investment sector? How many pots-business cookie jars does the Wertheimer family have their hands in? Many. ...
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  • #Forbes Encourages Everyone to Start a Business

    Unemployed? Looking for a new career while employed? Don't know where your life is going career wise? Unsure of your retirement and if you'll be financially secure in the future? Great. If any or all of this is lingering on your mind, now might be the time for you to start a business. If you dare to discover your true entrepreneurial strength and want to get your feet wet in the world of traditional or online business, Forbes recommends you to start your own business and get organized "with no delay" while striving for excellence.


    Unemployed Americans have a unique advantage in starting their own business. How so? Most Americans today who are unemployed have a positive advantage of mentally regrouping their career strategy. They may possibly have the time to rethink their approach towards life. They have free time on their hands to optimize their resume, perform necessary research on the type of business they may potentially be interested in starting, alongside possibly searching for daytime employment.

    Related: Millionaire By Age 30? One Blogger Offers A Few Not-So-Easy Steps - Wbur.org Americans who are unemployed are not worthless. They may be future CEOs, doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, and potentially billionaires. For unemployed Americans, it's definitely a ...
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  • #WholeFoods: Humble Beginnings of John Mackey

    WholeFoods.com founder John Mackey founded the larger than life health store chain more than three decades ago. His visionary mindset landed the Whole Foods chain where they are today before being acquired by Amazon.com. Mackey was an average guy; going to college, working. The normal stuff. He decided one day to turn his entrepreneurial thinking cap on and venture out in a leap of faith and transform into a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. If he can do it, so can you. ...
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