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  • Don't be Surprised at Anything #DonaldTrump Does or Says's the Donald now authorizes the United States military to hand out free tactical weapons to police officers as a means of allegedly controlling the people. Just know that everything happens for a reason because scripture has to be fulfilled. In other political news... North Korea just fired a missile that successfully crossed into Japan's airspace. How will the Donald and Japan react to that? Will Kim Jong-Un of North Korea trigger a reaction from the United States that'll lean toward starting World War III?...
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  • Did Threats Come from #NewYork or the #WestCoast?

    This happened today in Phoenix, AZ. My anti-Trump billboard at 1022 Grand Ave. Thanks to Hugh Gran for letting me use his dollar swastikas in my design! #antitrump #theresistance #resist #impeachtrump #dumptrump #trump #donaltrump #trump💩 A post shared by Karen Fiorito (@karenfiorito) on Mar 17, 2017 at 10:02am PDT AN artist in Arizona put up this billboard depicting an image of drawing as an alleged warmonger. says the artist responsible for putting this billboard in Arizona is Karen Fiorito. If Karen did in fact had this billboard put up portraying in a negative light, how does she think putting up such media like that would not invite a reaction? __________________________________________________ In other news concerning Trump: reports Trump wants to and will cut after school programs. What's going on here? Why cut after school programs for children striving to achieve quality education and hamper the progress and success of tomorrow's leaders of America? Something doesn't sound right, says....
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  • #Obama Allegedly Forced the Mouth of #DonaldTrump to Mess Himself Up for Potential #Impeachment?

    Former U.S. President's name is all over news networks. The current sit in President allegedly suspects Obama potentially wiretapping Is this true? Did Trump allegedly put himself in a position for possible impeachment by tweeting his suspicions of the former Prez? Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 If former Prez Obama didn't do this and the Donald is saying he did without evidence, this could possibly mean Trump left the door open to be kicked out of the Oval office. What do you think? Do you suspect Obama allegedly wiretapping phones or is Trump allegedly delusional?...
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  • #BreitbartNewsNetwork Allegedly Bragging About Interviewing #Trump

    BNN ( - Breitbart News Network published a blog post yesterday discussing a meeting in the oval office with Trump talks Oscars, fake media, politics, and healthcare. Will the Donald completely do away with And who really cares if Breitbart met with President Trump?...
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  • #TrumpWhiteHouse: #BorderWall in Progress

    The U.S. - Mexico border wall now in first stage of building. The Trump administration is reported by already taking the initial action step toward making it happen. Question is, who's going to pay for it when it's complete? Will Trump try to force the Mexican government's hand in paying? Or will U.S. taxpayers foot the cost?...
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  • Is #DonaldTrump Hinting at #WorldWarIII?

    He quoted George Washington in his quick speech and mentioned the military will beef up arsenal soon. Are's words a pretext for World War III? If so, who does Trump plan to engage in war with? North Korea or nuclear Iran? Does have any idea that if he starts a rift with North Korea, they have missiles that can reach Los Angeles, California and will put the country into a potential economical recession?...
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  • #AlexanderAcosta: Will He be Confirmed to #TrumpCabinet?

    Alexander Acosta is's first pick for the Trump cabinet as U.S. Labor secretary. Some people allegedly feel the Donald or other higher-ups picked him as a possible token to cover up how Trump allegedly feels about Hispanics. We know how Donald feels about Mexicans and possibly others.

    Could this be a moment of Trump turning heel and showing he's possibly not a racist?

    Related: N.J. gov. Chris Christie @ the White House not looking happy - Trump made him order what? In other news... A mexican mother feels the pressure of Dona...
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  • #DonaldTrump Fails to Add #ImmigrationBan to Shortlist of Presidential Achievements

    It's always a bad look when people see a president or any top government official opposing restrictions on immigrants or new people desiring to enter the United States as lawful new immigrants. Donald Trump's actions leads people to feel and think he's allegedly racist against Mexicans and Muslims. And possibly more if that allegedly. Yes we all know where the Donald stands on immigration: 'Immigration Ban Is One Of Trump's Most Popular Orders So Far'— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2017 Is the Donald doing a temper tantrum rant on Twitter...
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  • #DonaldTrump is 'Not Allowed to do Anything He Wants'

    Eternal everlasting God

    has to give people like Trump permission before the Donald can do anything. Everything happens for a reason. Scripture is being fulfilled. Trump can't even spend his own billions without permission from the Creator. Is suffering now compliments of due to daddy's adverse actions of enforcing a travel ban? Or this is retaliation by against the Donald for telling credit card customers in 2016 to cut up your Macys charge cards?...
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  • #StudentVisa of #CollegeStudent From #Iran Blocked

    A majority of Americans and others globally argue in unity the Trump administration took the ban too far and crossed the line. Who's going to pay for the U.S. - Mexico wall?...
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  • #Bannon and #Trump Face Serious Fight Against #Democrats

    Democratic speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi calls out Steve Bannon at an NBC press conference. Is it true what Pelosi said? She goes on to mention White Supremacists and how Bannon all of a sudden out of left field "wide discretion" to dismiss top officials and have them "on call," should Bannon and others in his immediate circle reconsider bring back old department official. It sounds as if the leadership of President Donald Trump is already being tested by Democrats and other governments. How will the Bannon and the Donald react to this?...
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  • British Lawmakers Seeking #DonaldTrump Ban From #UnitedKingdom?

    Trump was invited to the U.K. to speak t the British house of parliament by Theresa May, Bloomberg reports. Let's take a closer look at that. Trump may or may not make the visit to the United Kingdom. He just signed off an executive order that was blocked by a Brooklyn judge on the ban for 90 days. He's already causing havoc 17 days in office. And he may possibly take a trip to the UK to speak? He's going to cause a riot in another country all because of him and his actions. And if the Donald does visit the UK to speak before British parliament, he may cause traffic jams, mess up business, and allege...
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  • #Superbowl Gets Direct About the Hair of #DonaldTrump

    They were straight to the point about's hair. Do you agree or disagree?
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic #DonaldTrump Not Doing Well as #POTUS

    #DonaldTrump Not Doing Well as #POTUS

    His first few days in the White House are already not going well. His recent executive order on banning immigrants for 90 days from coming into the United States got blocked by a Brooklyn judge. It sounds as if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer of New York achieved a temporary win over Trump. Be ready. The Donald will come back momentarily with a presidential reaction....
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  • #Virginia Fights #TrumpWhiteHouse With Lawsuit

    Donald Trump and his administration are in for legal trouble after breaking in just10 days in the White House. Since taking office, Trump issues executive order and reported to be an alleged presidential troublemaker. Virginia is taking a hardline stance against the Trump administration in filing a lawsuit against President Trump, alleging that his immigration stance on Muslims is unlawful. ...
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