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5 Reasons Why #TommyHilfiger Will Stay Rich

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  • 5 Reasons Why #TommyHilfiger Will Stay Rich

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    You have to give Tommy Hilfiger his credit and respect when it's due. He's been in the retail merchandising game since 1985. 18 years after Polo.com founder Ralph Lauren started his retail clothing journey. The iconic figure Mr. Hilfiger who oversees Tommy.com, like his counterpart Ralph Lifshitz-Lauren of the Bronx, started his clothing marketing journey straight out of New York City. He wasn't always this super rich and built his billion dollar business he runs today from humble beginnings. Tommy Hilfiger understands the importance of making comfortable and memorable clothing designed with the person in mind and with the intent of leaving a lasting positive impression on his target market for years to come. This is only part of the reason why Tommy Hilfiger will always be a billionaire.

    Five quick reasons why Tommy Hilfiger will always be rich:

    1. He's concerned about what people think. Tommy creates quality clothing with people in mind. He's concerned about Fabrics, color blends, what colors people like most in clothing, sizes of clothing, and how people feel wearing his stuff. If Tommy only made his clothes with a one track mind, he might be working a nine-to-five job. Hilfiger understands the importance of creating quality clothing to please people. Design quality clothing keeping people's interest close to your heart as a clothing designer and you'll always be successful like Tommy.

    2. His affiliate program was once hosted on ImpactRadius.com. It's unclear if he still deals with that affiliate merchant portal operated by Lisa Riolo and associates. That's right. Mr. Hilfiger is in affiliate marketing. He understands the importance of networking through affiliate marketers for the intent of increasing sales of Hilfiger merchandise online. His affiliate program was on the Impact Radius affiliate network. As it's unclear for now if he's still running the Tommy Hilfiger affiliate program, DNN will keep you updated in the future on which affiliate marketing portal Tommy partners with. He used to allegedly offer affiliate RSS data feeds for Tommy Hilfiger affiliate to directly run affiliate content on social networks like Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, Linkedin.com, and other social networks without owning a blog or website, making it easy for Tommy Hilfiger affiliate to earn affiliate commissions faster. Drewry News Network is confident he's still in the online affiliate arena and will perform research soon to bring you the updated news.

    3. He takes time to build real world relationships with people that's not rich. How do you think he's able to maintain popularity of his clothing in poor and middle class neighborhoods throughout New York City and America? Tommy is a master relationship strategist and a master marketer. He knows who to cater to, What age groups to make what for, and who to use as far as celebrities to promote his clothing to certain target markets. With that said, you have to give Tommy his credit for staying on his A+ SWOT marketing game. This is why Tommy Hilfiger is a billionaire and will stay one for the rest of his life.

    4. He's a visionary leader. As a businessman, he sees things others don't. He sees opportunity where others are blind. He takes great risks doing what he does because he believes in himself and continually does the transformation business work at full strength. He's inspired to press on even when challenges arise.

    5. He knows how to save his money. He doesn't go out spending up all of his savings just because he's a billionaire and he can do that if he wants to. The money savvy Tommy Hilfiger can wake up in the morning with a piece of Mind knowing he has lifetime knowledge how to grow his money if he were to lose everything. He doesn't have to worry about going to a day job and working for a narcissist employer. He created his own job doing what he loves to do. When you do what you love, it's not considered work. And though Tommy Hilfiger works hard, he's probably thinking in his mind he's really not doing work. This is the beauty of Entrepreneurship on steroids.

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    CNBC.com gives an inside view on YouTube.com of Hilfiger's 50 million-dollar penthouse apartment at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. It's absolutely gorgeous. He has a hidden library with what looks like an elevator door, a twisting staircase, a beautiful bookshelf, fantastic furniture, and luxury dishes. Hilfiger says in the video that he purchased two apartments and merged them together. Tommy's mega penthouse is estimated to be at virtually 6,000 square feet. He couldn't have achieved this if he didn't take entrepreneurship seriously and believe in his ability to prosper as a faithful entrepreneur.

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    Hopefully this video will inspire you to not only start your own business and believe in yourself despite your challenges faced today, but also believe in yourself enough to achieve financial freedom and quit your day job with no delay.



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