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#NewsFromNewYork: 5 Borough News Roundup in #NewYorkCity

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  • #NewsFromNewYork: 5 Borough News Roundup in #NewYorkCity

    Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour
    #News on everything #NewYork from #Brooklyn, #FarRockaway, #Harlem, #downtownbrooklyn, #EastFlatbush, and more -

    Renting or buying property in New York City can sometimes be a headache. The New York Times has a thought-provoking article on apartment hunting in NYC. Back in the day in the late 1970's, a person could possibly rent an apartment in Brooklyn for as little as under $100 a month. This was the era when former New York Governor and now deceased Mario Cuomo. was mayor of the big apple. Times back then were simpler as the cost of living was significantly cheaper. Of course, rent in Manhattan was always sky high unless you lived in Harlem or the Bronx. The N.Y. Times article goes on to mention if July is a good time of the year to search and rent an apartment in New York City? That depends. To rent an apartment nowadays in Manhattan, look forward possibly to paying $1,500 and better on a month to month basis. WHile it's uncertain how much rent will be in a New York City housing project, you can still look forward to shelling out over $1,000 monthly. Rne twill allegedly continue to skyrocket not just in Manhattan, but throughout the rest of the boroughs of NYC years to come. Moving around in New York City -

    Some people are allegedly moving to New York City possibly just to get a free ride on college tuition. New York City Gov. Andrew Cuomo, son of now deceased former Gov. Mario Cuomo, announced early 2017 there would be free college available to residents of the big apple. Free college tuition in New York City has certain conditions. You're obligated after graduation to contribute at least a few years of service working in New York City. If you move out of New York or unable to meet your obligation of working in New York after graduating from college and getting your free ride through any New York City college, you're required to allegedly paid back all the tuition money. Some people might be moving to New York just to shack up with relatives and use their address as a means of getting a free ride through college from New York City government. New York is not the only state to offer residents tuition free college. Having a free scholarship on the government dime is a "blessing," and entitles anyone striving for excellence to get organized to earn "good money." Anyone who qualifies for free college tuition on Uncle Sam's dime should use it to their fullest potential and go non stop award achieving the goal of graduating with their bachelors or Masters degree in their field of expertise so they can showcase their skills that to where the employers and the world. Free college tuition in NYC -

    Have you ever heard of anything like this? According to an article posted by the Brooklyn Eagle, a judge in Brooklyn allowed a gun toting suspect two more months of freedom to prove himself as he got caught drinking in public and failed to report what he did to the court. Brooklyn judge Pamela Chen, noted in the Brooklyn Eagle article, dealt with gun suspect Mr. Tyson Jeffries in court, as it's noted he struggled with drug addiction and getting caught with a handgun. He allegedly told the NYPD to "F------ shoot him." Really? Who in their right mind wants to willingly die? The Brooklyn Eagle article goes on to mention he was placed in special education in second grade and dropped out of high school in ninth grade while involving himself in the streets. Unfortunately, he had to serve 15 months in prison due to a conviction on certain charges. Brooklyn Eagle goes on to mention grew up in Red Hook projects in Brooklyn without a father and had his first job ever in life as a grown man while taking care of his grandmother for $11 an hour. The flip side to this is Tyson still has a chance to make something good of himself and shouldn’t be written off as an unproductive citizen. As long as a person is still living, she or he still has a chance to make something good of themselves by repenting for their past wrongdoings and striving for excellence by being a productive citizen of society. Perhaps there will be good reports in the future of Mr. Tyson Jeffries doing something good for his community and being an ideal transformational role model for change. Tyson Jeffries given 2nd chance by Brooklyn judge? -

    Is it only during the hot months of summer that New York City subway commuters suffer in delayed service as subway riders boil in the heat on subway platforms and inside subway cars? It sounds as if the Penn station subway signal systems are possibly having temporary challenges. People are seen in an image on the Patch dot com website standing at Penn Station in Manhattan looking allegedly stressed out. The article goes on to mention that some New York City subway stations not only have signal problems, but also track fires, trains possibly broken down, and related subway issues causing frustration among New Yorkers who loyally rely on the subway. A rubbish fire unfortunately surfaced at the 145th street station in Harlem, causing nine injuries and service shut down possibly, according to the Patch article referenced via MTA. Others subway stations affected are the 59th St. and Lexington line that trains N, Q, R, and W trains run at slow down service to the borough of Queens. New York City MTA personnel will address these issues and hopefully and strive to get service back on track with no delay. Issues in the NYC subway -

    Accused thief Martin Shkreli is reported to show his true character to offline. A courtroom in Brooklyn on Monday is reported to have experienced his real character up close and personal Robin Leach style. Martin is quoted to be "threatening to sue financial firm SEC solutions group for taking too long to untangle his company's long overdue expenses," according to the New York Post article. He's accused of jacking up prices for AIDS related drugs in a move of potential greed without a care in his heart about his drug pill clientele. If he's convicted at trial, how many years in prison do you feel Martin Shkreli will serve? Did you also know Martin has been kicked/suspended from for acting out online numerous times? This is absolute nonsense for a former CEO to allegedly act like a child on any a social network and have his profile disabled. If and when Martin Shkreli is convicted, he can face up to 20 years in prison for his conviction in an alleged financial Ponzi scheme worth possibly $11 million. Remember the "people pleaser" Bernard Madoff, former ceo of If you don't remember, Madoff was also convicted and “made off” with billions in stolen investment money after orchestrating a Ponzi scheme. Madoff is now serving over 100 years in surrendering the rest of his life to the law in New York City. If and when Martin Shkreli is convicted and only serves 20 years behind bars, what will post prison life be like for him? Will Shkreli start another business whereas he allegedly offers AIDS suppressing drugs at reasonable prices? Will the general public hear about him starting over in life by flipping burgers at or rolling burritos at What will Martin's life be like after getting out of the slammer? Martin Shkreli and the internet -

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    Business Insider reports in an article written by Leanna Garfield and Sarah Jacobs billionaire Elon musk is not the only one in his family doing big things in the business world. Garfield and Jacobs reports Elon's brother, whose name by the way is Kimbal Musk, has a shipping container business in New York City. Guess where Kimbal’s shipping container farm is? None other than Brooklyn, New York. The mantra of the shipping container farm is helping aspiring young entrepreneurs develop vertical-farming startups, according to the business insider article. Business insider also goes on to mention that "Graduates are uniquely positioned to embark on a lifetime of real food entrepreneurship — with the know-how to build a thriving, responsible business." Any food based business immediately earns profits because people seek to satisfy their instant gratification, eating anything as they please in the moment. Don't you agree? The Square roots Farm is located not far from Marcy projects, where famed rapper Shawn Jay-Z Carter spent his childhood in downtown Brooklyn. -

    Is gentrification happening in Crown Heights Brooklyn in the new era? An article by reports a new bar called Summerhill located on Nostrand Avenue having allegedly sent out a public relations mass blast with alleged "fake bullet holes." Is this true? Gentrification in Crown Heights Brooklyn -

    Is Crown Heights Brooklyn the place to be for the best Crab cuisine in Brooklyn? Who takes the cake in Crown Heights between Jewish Kosher food, West Indian food, or American food? You be the judge. -

    A Bloomberg News article published by Oshrat Carmiel reports on finding bargains on properties in Brooklyn. Renters looking to rent homes anywhere in the borough of Brooklyn may find it easy as rent and mortgages continue to skyrocket. The image depicted in the Bloomberg article showcases a row of Brooklyn brownstone homes. The Bloomberg news article goes on to mention due to the fact that since newly built rentals blanketed the borough, it resulted in leasing costs going down in the month of June 2017, putting landlords on a competitive edge to virtually fight for who can offer the best rental rates to Brooklyn renters. Rental Brooklyn homes are noted to possibly start anywhere allegedly from $2000 monthly and better with a median of close to $3000. What does this mean to Brooklyn home renters? Does this mean paying more in rent and having less food on the table for feeding the family? Is it possible to rent an apartment or home in Brooklyn, New York in today's era of information technology at a minimum rent of $1000 monthly and still have change in your pocket for discretionary-leisure spending? Brooklyn apartment and home rentals are predicted to allegedly rise another $500-$1000 monthly possibly within the next 5 to 10 years. How much of a financial strain will this put on the middle class looking to rent a decent apartment or home with the option to buy? Brooklyn Renters Get Bargains Even as Buyers Are Priced Out -

    Parts of Far Rockaway, New York are about to get a very nice facelift. The New York City Department of economic development is yet to approve revitalizing of Far Rockaway rezoning, noted in an article by New York City Mayor BIll deBlasio hopes to achieve putting up a housing complex deemed affordable by the low income and middle class working New Yorkers. The plan still needs further approval before coming into fruition. It'll allegedly cost octane it over $90 million. The project is reported to create affordable housing and opportunities for community groups to forge positive sustainable relationships. The plan also has opportunities for assisting storefront businesses to improve their image, thus proving their business revenue potential in Far Rockaway along Central and Mott avenues by way of Beach 20th St. The Far Rockaway rezoning initiative is reported to have been met less negative feedback vs. rezoning initiative efforts in East New York, East Harlem, and Inwood, New York. What will Far Rockaway look like and feel after the revitalization project is complete?Far Rockaway revitalization initiative -

    A promising college student from Flatbush Brooklyn was at home in Brooklyn for the summer from Delaware State University when he was killed in East Flatbush. Justin Hackley from Brooklyn, New York, a senior at Delaware State University located in Dover, Delaware, is reported by New York Daily News shot dead in a street fight near midnight nearby Church Avenue in the Flatbush section. Delaware State University student form Brooklyn killed in Flatbush -