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Is #LinguaFranca Used in #NewYorkCity?

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  • Is #LinguaFranca Used in #NewYorkCity?

    Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

    Lingua Franca - Use of a language between 2 people who don't have a shared language. People from multicultural descents may not comprehend the native tongue of others. They possibly share a bridge language in common such as "English," and use the preferred language of the world English as a means of communication and conveying messages among people of different backgrounds. Lingua Franca is known to be used in major cities such as Los Angeles, Manhattan, Chicago, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Denver.

    Lingua Franca is mainly used by immigrants who migrated to America and have businesses. An example would be Chinatown in New York City. Most Chinese and Korean or Japanese in Chinatown's Manhattan on Canal street know patrons are not fluent in their native tongue. So they strive to convey messages to customers using very little skills acquired in speaking English.

    Another example of Lingua Franca used in today's world is in United States politics. Politicians would use headphones possibly as a means of having languages translated from people who attended political meetings from around the world who couldn't speak their language. An example would be attending a United Nations meeting in New York City where English is the preferred language and having members from the body of the United Nations in attendance from countries such as Cameroon, Russia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, and South Africa. Knowing that some representatives from the countries mentioned possibly don't speak English, they put on a headset that translates their native tongue into English automatically without knowing the English language. This is how clear and concise messages are conveyed to other members of the governing body of the United Nations during political meetings.

    More info: English as the Lingua Franca in parts of the world

    Forbes magazine online makes an interesting mention of lingua franca saying "With the decline of France and the rise of the Anglosphere, English is now the world’s Lingua Franca." English is possibly seen as the "world's lingua franca," possibly because English is possibly seen as a bridge language that can bring nations of people together in sharing clear and concise messages, and use English as the preferred source of lingua franca to increase profit potential and use as a preferred language to fulfill business and personal agendas to ensure everyone is on the same page. The Internet can also be seen as Lingua Franca because it's easy for people to post messages in their native tongue and use "Google translate" to turn the message into English with 0% effort.

    The Internet can also be seen as a Lingua Franca.How so? Not only can you use the World Wide Web to translate messages into English with 0% effort, but potentially convince a potential buyer from another country who doesn't speak English to make a purchase from your business and retain them as a repeat buyer.Either way you look at it, lingua franca is quite powerful. Yes, the internet will and already has become the "Lingua Franca" of e-Commerce.


    Emmanuel Gobry, P. (2014, March 21). Want To Know The Language Of The Future? The Data Suggests It Could Be...French., from Forbes



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