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5 Ways to Succeed in Juicing #RawFoods

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  • 5 Ways to Succeed in Juicing #RawFoods

    If you want to succeed in building lean muscle and having good health here's what you need to do for your fruit and vegetable juicing ventures to be a success:

    1. Have a willing mindset to juice fresh fruits and vegetables long-term. When the mind is in-tune with the long-term vision for better health, everything else falls in place. Stay focused.

    2. Don't look for immediate results. Improving your heal by juicing fruits and veggies and getting positive results from it takes time. In the meantime, keep juicing the natural foods of the Earth in your juice machine.

    3. A good juicing machine. Most juice machines you see on the shelf at your local mart are returned and re-taped. That possibly means the motor was cheap and stopped working when trying to juice fruit and vegetables. What you want to do is spend good money like a few hundred dollars on a "quality juicing machine," and a juice machine that comes with a warranty and a strong motor. Spending anywhere between $200-$500 is a good idea for a "durable fruit and vegetable juicing machine."

    4. Visit your local produce market weekly. Purchasing fruits and veggies from the supermarket may possibly cost 2-3 times more than your local farmer's market. Why pay more? The same produce at the supermarket is the same at the farmer's market.

    5. Juice daily. If you make it a healthy habit to juice fruits and vegetables daily. If you are able to juice 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach, you may possibly retain energy at peak levels throughout your day. If you're able to juice 2-3 times a day, you're definitely on a roll for accelerated health improvement. Get creative and make it fun.

    There you have it. Juice fresh foods of the Earth daily for your improved health. Encourage others also to follow your healthy habit so they too can improve the quality of their life.