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4 Simple Ways to #BuildSolidAbs

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  • 4 Simple Ways to #BuildSolidAbs

    #Build a #complete #sixpackabs with #eatingright, #exercise, #cardio, and #faith - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/health
    Image: MuscleandFitness.com

    There's hope for anyone to build an attractive and muscular midsection regardless of adversity or age. Whether you're 50 pounds overweight, 100 pounds overweight, or even 150 pounds overweight, faith, hope, and putting faith to work reverses the feel and look of being bent out of shape. Changing your eating habits is part of the abdominal transformation solution. Doing cardio sometimes an em pty stomach first thing in the morning will not only promote increased endorphin flow in your body, but also keep you inspired toward keeping your cardiovascular activity up to par, resulting in defining a lean midsection and promoting long-term weight loss. Getting out of your comfort zone is another key to success in building an attractive stomach. If you're willing to get out of your normal pattern of doing what you want whenever you want and exercise + eat right + cardio when your body and mind doesn't feel like it, you'll most likely achieve more then building an attractive stomach.

    Four simple exercises to build solid abs:

    1. Traditional ab crunches-basic setup exercises where your legs and feet are locked in place. To get your body accustomed to doing ab crunches, start out with doing 2 to 3 sets and 5 to 7 reps per set. Be sure to take a 30 second to 1 min. rest in between sets.

    2. Ab crunches with tricep rope-these exercises are good for not only building ab muscles, but also adding mass to ab muscles. This exercise requires you to be on your knees. Perform 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps each set. It's recommended to perform another ab exercise with weight afterwards.

    3. Hanging leg raises-this exercise requires you to have abdominal straps "available at Walmart under $20." Hanging leg raises using abdominal straps allows you to use your natural body weight to raise your knees toward your stomach. The goal of the hanging leg raises exercise is to lean out your lower abdomen and waistline. This is a great exercise for people looking to not only drop pants sizes and reduce adipose fat in their lower abdomen, but also to bring out complete lean muscle in the upper and lower abdomen.

    4. Roman chair lower at exercises-the Roman chair is the tool at your local gym that you place your arms and elbows in. The purpose of using this tool is to build your lower abdomen. The Roman chair allows you to lock yourself in place while you either bring your knees up to your stomach, or stretch your legs outward in a 90° angle. Exercising your lower abdomen using the Roman chair may be possibly painful at first if your abs and body is not accustomed to it. The first set of lower ab exercises on the Roman chair may possibly cause your lower abdomen to experience a mild case of muscle cramping. If you begin to experience this, stretch your stomach muscles out and get a drink of water immediately. If you stay consistent with lower ab exercises using the Roman chair, you'll discover soon enough your body will get accustomed to the feeling of exercising on it and muscle cramping will disappear when least expected.

    Any additional exercise that builds ab muscles using your natural body weight. Using your body weight in any creative exercise to build your midsection is a great way to keep yourself motivated toward achieving a healthy goal of building or rebuilding a lean stomach. Don't be discouraged if you find yourself making progress as slow as a turtle toward striving for excellence to get that attractive midsection. All good things take time to come into fruition. Performing searches in your preferred search engine, subscribing to MuscleandFitness.com magazines, and searching on YouTube.com for ways to build abs using your natural bodyweight will give you inspiring ideas on building a lean stomach.

    Bodybuilding.com shares the following tips for building rock solid abs:

    Lastly, after completing your ab exercises, hop on the stationery bike or the treadmill and perform 10 to 20 minutes of post ab workout cardio. This will greatly help to add definition to your lean stomach in the making. Keep this healthy habit on deck every time you exercise your abs and you'll notice good results in due time. Hopefully, you gained inspiration from reading this thread and do the transformation work making healthy changes in your life.

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