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#BlockEstrogen: 5 Easy Ways to Instantly Squash #Estrogen in #Men

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  • #BlockEstrogen: 5 Easy Ways to Instantly Squash #Estrogen in #Men

    #EatingRight, #cardio, #exercise, #cutting #fastfood and #healthyliving will #revitalize #natural #levels of #testosterone in #men

    Let's face it. Every man who gracefully ages gains weight. His body changes. His mind changes. His spirit sometimes changes. Is eating habits change. Sleep habits. And then comes on welcome weight gain. Men gain extra flab around the waistline. Extra fat under the chest. A few extra pounds in the midsection. Your cardiovascular system slowly screeches to a halt. Regardless how a man changes adversely as a gracefully seasons, it can be reversed through a mindset change of getting back on track with healthier living. Making the healthy decision to change sleep patterns, eating habits, wiser choices in food and drink, and additional lifestyle changes will help any man not only lower his unhealthy estrogen levels, but successfully balance his testosterone to estrogen ratio, keep unhealthy weight off, maintain a healthy libido for his wife, increase productivity in the workplace, increase cardiovascular output, and increase overall quality of life. It all starts with you wanting to make healthy changes of free will. And believe it or not, as you're making healthy changes and achieving your health goals, people will not only notice your transformation, but they'll also start to slowly but surely see you In a different light.

    1. Avoid smoking marijuana - This is the downfall for many young people. Smoking marijuana while you're young. It's an ironclad fact that marijuana slowly but surely decreases testosterone levels in men and raises Estrogen as a man gracefully seasons (aging). young men in their teens and early twenties will see a slow increase in weight gain in their late 20s, early 30s, and 40s due to regular consumption of marijuana. Cannabis does things in men such as temporarily raise libido, stimulate hunger and the munchies to eat until the man is full, go to bed on a full stomach of food and drink, and sleep excessively possibly past the time of waking up and getting ready for the day job. regular consumption of marijuana in young men also contributes to distraction in concentration, visceral fat across the abdomen, decrease in motivation, and possibly erectile dysfunction years later. Marijuana is best consumed in its original state added in food and prepared as a tea. Not to be smoked. Young men who excessively consume marijuana will pay for it mentally and physically years later. Unless that is, they quit marijuana consumption now and stay on top of their cardiovascular game by doing cardio two to three times weekly at their local gym on the treadmill or stationary bike in efforts of keeping their overall body fat levels down.

    2. Cardio - Lack of cardiovascular activity is the number one cause of excessive unhealthy weight gain. That's a no-brainer. Cardio is responsible for maintaining an active and healthy metabolism. You don't have to be Flash Gordon, Bionic Man, or Jumping Jack Flash or even Wonder Woman 2 move at light speed in hopes of having a fast or healthy metabolism. No need to worry if you fell off the bandwagon and slacked on doing cardio. You have opportunity after opportunity to get your metabolic activity back on track with your cardio, workout and goals. If you've been feeling quite stiff and unmotivated to do cardio, it's a good idea to start out doing a brief 10 minute walking stent. Reason being because you want to get used to moving again and will take time for your mind and body to adjust until you're used to doing cardio often. If you start out doing 10 minutes of brief walking first thing in the morning on an empty stomach either on your home treadmill, at the gym, or walking at your local park, and walking three to four times weekly first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 10 minutes, you should notice a visible change in your cardiovascular output, slightly reduced levels of body fat, and a slight increase in mental clarity in as little as six weeks. a good thing to know about doing cardio is as your body gets used to a certain pattern, increasing your cardiovascular output gets easier. According to (SteadyStrength), “Cardio is an extremely important aspect to training. Without it, meeting fitness goals may be hard to come by.” It's no secret that cardio helps keep the body active, mentally sharp, helps retain youth longer, and helps lower unhealthy levels of estrogen in men. Losing unhealthy weight by doing cardio will definitely help balance the testosterone to estrogen ratio in a man. T-Nation has an interesting page about how men can keep estrogen levels under control. Basically, the page is emphasizing the importance of men knowing their estrogen levels and things that cause a rise in unhealthy estrogen in men such as alcohol and marijuana, age, drugs, and ways to reverse unhealthy estrogen levels. Some of the things the article recommends for men to bring estrogen levels to an all-time low include supplementation with certain vitamins, purging your environment of xenoestrogens, a healthy diet, and supplementation with specific supplements such as Reversatrol which is found in red grapes, circumin, zinc, boron and green tea. As your body adjusts to doing cardio frequently, don't get in the habit of over doing it. There is a such thing as doing too much cardio and your body will later suffer from it. How so, doing too much cardio can cause a man to reduce his testosterone levels and raise unhealthy estrogen. This is why it's important to keep your cardiovascular activity at a minimum so your testosterone to estrogen ratio rightfully balanced.

    3. Eat right - It's also a no-brainer foods you eat on a regular basis affect your hormones. it can raise or decrease testosterone. It can help you lose weight or gain weight. Food affects mood, sleep patterns, physical performance with your wife, mental concentration in entrepreneurship and the workplace, and building lean natural muscle. Food is responsible for sustaining healthy living. Did you know everything you put in your body is an investment made in self whether it's good or bad? if you eat fast food on a regular basis, chances are you'll develop health problems before age 50 at an accelerated pace versus someone at 50 years old who's been eating right almost their entire life. Someone who consumes fast food regularly under age 50 is more likely to experience osteoporosis, lack of physical performance with their wife, irritability, quick to anger, irregular sleep patterns, skyrocketing estrogen levels, continued weight gain, inability to concentrate, lowered testosterone levels, and feelings of looking unattractive. Most importantly, you need to increase your protein intake which you can measure by comparing one gram of protein per your body weight. If you weigh 200 lb, I recommended protein intake would be 200 grams on a daily basis or close to 200 grams. Some people struggle with ingesting adequate daily protein intake. Daily intake of protein balances the testosterone to estrogen ratio. Additionally, regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables any and all green leafy veggies such as cabbage, kale, spinach which contains natural steroids known as ecdysterones, lima beans, green peas, string beans, collard greens, and red cabbage flush unhealthy estrogen out of men. Regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables brings unhealthy estrogen to an all-time low and helps release free testosterone levels in men. Need proof?

    4. Intermittent fasting - Fasting is definitely a difficult thing to achieve in the beginning. You're used to eating and drinking anytime of the day and doing whatever you want. Fasting requires discipline. Fasting requires you to have a long-term vision for your weight loss goals and fitness transformation. Did you know intermittent fasting can potentially contribute to lowering unhealthy estrogen levels in men and possibly balance the testosterone to estrogen ratio? Reason being is because intermittent fasting resets your hormonal cycle. Fasting is good for immediate weight loss, improving sleep patterns, flushing unhealthy estrogen out of men long-term, improving concentration, and increasing production on the job. If you're not up to par yet fasting the entire day, you can start out by setting small goals of fasting first thing in the morning upon Awakening until 6 pm. If you set small fasting goals of doing a fast from morning until certain parts of the afternoon or a 12-hour fast, your mind and body will slowly start to adjust to the feeling and you're fasting stents will be that much easier in the long run. Most importantly, fasting is good for Spiritual reasons as it does more than flush toxins out of the body. If you want to be blessed beyond your physical health, fast often for spiritual strength.

    5. Juice vegetables - Fruit and vegetable juicing has unique benefits. First, it allows the body to ingest raw unprocessed juice from the food at an accelerated rate, thus allowing the body to benefit faster from nutrient ingestion. the result from it is improved Health such as weight loss, hormonal balance, lowered estrogen levels in men, and increased cardiovascular output. Juicing raw fruits and vegetables in its original state contributes to not just balancing the testosterone to estrogen ratio, but also helps rid the body of toxins, contributes to positive calcium buildup good for teeth, muscle and bones, improved vision, increased flexibility, and better health in your years as a senior citizen.

    Investing in yourself today by changing your train of thought, juicing vegetables, eating right, and eliminating fast food as a man will help you regain your natural testosterone levels slowly but surely. Rome wasn't built in a day so have patience when striving to get your manly hormone back on track.

    Check back for upcoming content discussing testosterone, estrogen, home exercise, and ways to stay healthy without a gym membership.



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