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Homeless Man Demonstrates #TrueTransformation of the Heart

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  • Homeless Man Demonstrates #TrueTransformation of the Heart

    The Lord Jesus Christ who is God and God alone

    helps anyone who strives to achieve spiritual transformation excellence in getting right with Him.

    This is an inspiring transformation story of a homeless man who returned an engagement ring to a young lady after randomly discovering it in his cup. He could've easily made off with the engagement ring and did as he pleased. Reports mention he gladly returned the ring when the young lady briefly searched for him two days later.

    Honest Unfortunate People Still Around

    Many wonder if there's good folk left in a world filled with crime and greed. Some honest people in the world today are financially suppressed and homeless. He could've easily thought about himself and fronted off the fact he had the engagement ring in his possession. He chose honesty, putting a smile on the owner's face of the ring. The good news and fact is honest people are still around in today's world of uncertainty. It's a refreshing thing to know, as most folk nowadays are solely out for themselves.

    Helping Others Without Expectation

    True transformation of the heart entails helping others of free will without expectation. When you do the transformation work making healthy changes inside out, the desire to help others without expectation will naturally come to you. As an act of gratitude, the young lady and her fiancé set up a fundraising page to raise money for Billy Ray Harris in hopes of him getting on his feet. This kind act of humility and gratitude is a wonderful example of "true transformation of the heart." They could've easily said thank you and moved on. They chose to go above and beyond by raising money online through a page for Billy Ray Harris. Earth would be a better place to live today if we had more kindhearted people.

    Please lend a helping hand without expectation to someone in need. DrewryNewsNetwork has great respect for those who help others of free will without expectation. Giving freely of your heart speaks volumes of your general and spiritual character. Let every day of your life be a day of gratitude and having an open mind in helping others without hesitation.

    Moral of the story: Inspiration or desperation? Not all homeless people are inspired by desperation to have something. Despite anyone's unfortunate current situation, the homeless man understood material gain of the world is temporal. Involving genuine and honest sincerity through helping others is pure inspiration and is also considered "true transformation of the heart."