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Best Practices to #Kickstart In High Gear

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  • Best Practices to #Kickstart In High Gear

    God, who is the Alpha and Omega,

    helps those in dire need to achieve spiritual excellence. And He helps those who have a genuine heart to make all healthy changes. And He also helps those striving for excellence to live in congruence to His commandments and achieve ultimate transformation.

    #brave and #humble #people achieve #ultimatetransformation #beyond #humanimagination going further than #building a #leanbody and looking good on the #outside -

    There’s nothing more invigorating than planning a day of making healthy accomplishments. Performing exercise and cardiovascular activity first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is a great way to start your day. Good solid nutrition does more good for you then imagined. Faith and belief in yourself to sustain healthy changes keeps anyone on track, in being an example of honorable transformation.

    Most people wake up in the morning with sluggish energy levels. Believe it or not, this may tensely come from a lack of good nutrition. There may be other things affecting productive energy in a person. If you drink, smoke, do drugs, work more than you sleep, or, simply eat anything you want, you’re not feeding your body properly. The human body was not created to ingest just anything, and not experience adverse side effects, from anything a person chooses to ingest. A person can’t continue to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, eat fast food at any hour of the day, or not get adequate sleep, and expect to have high energy for the next day. To ingest such ingredients negates the purpose of keeping positive energies up to par if striving to accomplish positive things.

    Transformation of the mind is possible for anyone at any stage of their life. In order to make healthy changes and get out of your comfort zone, it takes healthy thinking to put thoughts into action. Realistically, no one can make healthy changes overnight. Kickstarting your mind and body into high gear requires that a person takes care baby steps in doing the transformation work. With a willing mind to change for the better, the first step in making a positive change towards bettering your mental and physical health is to start exercising. A person or family can save a bundle of money when they consider exercising as their personal form of health insurance. The cost of healthcare is a pretty penny to pay today. However, though everyone needs personal health care, exercise greatly reduces health-care costs, as well as reducing trips to your local doctor or family physician. Exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is a great way to start your day. For those who are overweight and looking to greatly reduce body fat, morning exercise without food or any sweetened drink ‘for the exception of drinking water’ will sharpen your mind. Exercise first thing in the morning not only sharpens the mind, but it helps to sustain adequate energy levels needed to be productive throughout your workday. Exercise first thing in the morning helps anyone adapt to a new habit of strengthening their spirit, mind and body before starting their workday, while increasing self-confidence and positive outlook on life.

    There’s no secret cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart. Folk who struggle with sluggish energy levels experience increases in metabolic activity, when cardio is increased. Folk who exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will experience increased reductions in body fat, when performing cardiovascular activity, immediately after a morning workout. For example, a person can choose to exercise with weights 40 min. in the morning, and immediately perform 20 min. of cardio, immediately following. By doing so, calorie burning is increased, metabolic activity is increased, energy levels are increased, mental acuteness is increased, with the desire to eat healthier. Be mindful that positive thinking, exercising often, performing cardio immediately after you exercise or setting a separate day just for cardio and getting the proper nutrition are all congruent ingredients, in accomplishing a successful spiritual, mental and physical transformation. Cardiovascular activity consists of more than just boosting your metabolism. Engaging in cardio spiritually and physically does more good for anyone than imagined.

    Food affects attitude. You are what you eat. As the ol’ saying goes “Garbage in, garbage out.” Fast food such as greasy hamburgers, french fries, excessive intake of greasy foods, sauces loaded with sodium, and always eating on the go negates positive attitude. When a person thinks less positive, they are prone to doing unhealthy things. These unhealthy things consist of eating at all hours of the day, and so forth. Truth is, everyone struggles with eating healthy. Everyone struggles with sustaining a positive attitude. Truth is, changing eating habits and transitioning into eating healthier slowly transforms the attitude for the better. Healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with helping anyone live a healthier and more positive lifestyle, to their fullest God given potential. It’s not easy to be completely healthy, but it’s all worth doing the transformation work, in striving for excellence to live and eat right.

    In making healthier food selections, it allows the mind to be creative, when making healthy changes. For example, a few awesome and creative healthy food selections to kick-start your mind and body into get back on track with good health consist of :
    • Lamb
    • Skinless chicken breast & skinless chicken drumsticks
    • Fish
    • Turkey
    • Venison
    • Shrimp
    • Tilapia
    • Shark
    • Halibut
    • Flounder

    Anything additionally creative and healthy.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist on Earth to come up with creative solutions to eat healthier foods. It does take a heart of free will, in wanting to become healthier spiritually and physically.Transformation success will not happen overnight. Mistakes will be made along the way. Workouts will be missed. Cardio might be overlooked on certain days. Eating something unauthorized on days of supposedly eating clean will happen.

    It’s always a best practice to exercise and perform post workout cardio in the morning, before starting the workday. Not only does it help boost energy levels in being more productive, but, it also strengthens your health for years to come, while reducing procrastination of accomplishing exercise and cardio first thing in the morning. Upon making progress in your transformation, you’ll notice how your spirit is greatly affected, as well as spiritually thinking on a broader level. Making positive changes in your life is more than looking good on the outside.

    Regardless of times you falter in your quest to get healthier spiritually and physically, get up, dust yourself off, and continue to move forward.

    Humility and progress will sustain positive changes residually. Pass the torch of inspiration to others when achieving progress beyond imagination. So you stay blessed. That’s true transformation.