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Food for Thought: Building #SpiritualMuscle Through Learning Scripture

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  • Food for Thought: Building #SpiritualMuscle Through Learning Scripture

    God is the only one who can help anyone achieve supreme muscle building beyond sculpting a lean body.

    drewrynewsnetwork openly and shamelessly acknowledges The Lord Jesus Christ as God almighty.

    Humans naturally build muscle by going to the gym, eating healthy, doing cardio, and taking vitamins. This is good for maintenance of the flesh. Scriptural learning is the foolproof and guaranteed method for building spiritually striated muscle. While most people think muscles only consist of captured strength within the human cells in the form of human nitrogen retention, acquiring education through scriptural reading and learning builds muscle beyond imagination.

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    The transition of thought patterns from one way to another is not achieved as an overnight operation. All good things take time to come into fruition. Do you find yourself struggling to build spiritual muscle and weak in areas of your life you desire to improve? Are your spiritual goals of gaining strength in the Lord Jesus Christ seem too far away from attaining? It takes lots of faith to press on in times of uncertainty. It takes countless times of falling down to regain strength in the Lord Jesus and build spiritual muscle. You can gain joy in times of trouble knowing the Lord will help you build muscle to endure hardship. Building muscle is possible at any age because as long as you strive for excellence, there's always hope of achieving your spiritual muscle building goals if you ask the Lord Jesus thy God for His help and guidance.

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    While adversity of any sort is troubling in the moment, it's also a spiritual muscle builder. Never let any life event make you feel like giving up on yourself. You are stronger than what you think. Your full strength can be achieved in Christ Jesus when you strive to dedicate yourself to confiding in Him.