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3 Easy Ways to Build and Maintain a #LeanStomach

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  • 3 Easy Ways to Build and Maintain a #LeanStomach

    Do you find yourself struggling time and time again trying to add definition to your midsection? You're not the only one striving to have glistening and pleasing abdominals. Building an attractive and toned stomach takes time. It requires commitment on your part to not only achieve a lean gut, but staying in shape year round as a lifestyle.

    Consider these three unique ways to get out of your emotional comfort zone and get that attractive stomach you so desire:

    1. Exercise your abs in the morning on an empty stomach with only water and vitamins 2 to 3 times weekly. You may soon discover your stomach growling from the fact that you're burning stored body fat during your ab workouts. Wrestle with the hunger pains and keep moving forward. Your body will adjust itself in due time from morning exercise and your growling stomach will soon be no more.

    2. Perform 10 - 30 minutes of post workout cardio immediately following morning ab workouts. This is where most people fail in building a lean midsections. You can do all the ab exercises you want but if you're not doing cardio you won't see those ab muscles. It's important to do cardio immediately after your workouts because not only does it help to add definition to your midsection in due time, but you'll also continue to burn fat throughout the day. After completing your post ab workout cardio, allow your body to rest one hour without drinking a protein shake or eating a meal. This will put potential acceleration on your metabolism to release stored fat calories throughout your work day and possibly help you sleep better at night which contributes to muscular definition and long-term weight loss.

    3. Change your eating habits! You have to do the transformation work in cardio, diet, exercise, and a good nights rest to experience amazing results from time invested in your ab workouts. Eating right and changing food preparation methods will immediately contribute to reduce water retention in the body, reduced intake of fat calories, and help your body feel lighter. When changing your diet with the intention of eating the right foods, be sure to have your last meal of the day at least three hours before bedtime. Refraining from eating before bedtime will reduce the workload on your metabolism.

    Hopefully your inspired by this post to make healthy changes and build a healthy midsection. No matter how long it takes for you to get that lean stomach, never give up.



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