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#Diet: Overcoming Depression With Faith

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  • #Diet: Overcoming Depression With Faith

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    Having faith in GOD and self allows you to be teachable and an open heart of free will to change.
    Faith and #weightloss - overcoming #depression with a new #mind and #progress in #life #transformation - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/health

    Believe it or not, the food you eat affects your overall attitude. Your food choices affect how you look at life. Your food choices affect body composition. Your food choices impact your health for years to come. Healthy food ingested benefits spirit, mind and body for years to come. Junk food detracts from living life and your body's ability to perform at its fullest positive potential. Indeed, you are what you eat.

    'Attitude and Diet'

    Have you ever noticed how angry the majority of people are? They're angry because of a number of things. For starters, they're possibly angry, because their life is not going as they hoped for. Secondly, they're probably angry and depressed because of their eating habits, while subconsciously pushing the thought to the side that their lifestyle and eating patterns are affecting their attitude. The majority of people who are overweight and or folk who do drugs are angry and depressed, possibly feeling stuck in life in their way they live their lives. No matter what's going on adversely in anyone's life, as long as you are in the land of the living, there is hope in being able to overcome anything of an obtuse nature.

    To reverse depression, it is important to take humble baby steps in reversing that outlook on life, while transitioning into practicing healthy habits. The first step to take in overcoming depression is believing in yourself. No one can help you along your way in making a transformation, unless you believe in yourself. Talking about it is one thing. Having faith in yourself and putting it into action is another. Depression is a temporary adverse emotion that can be defeated, no matter how many times you've fallen down in your life. Foods you eat also affect your train of thought and attitude towards others. Did you know that?

    The second step to overcoming depression is changing your outlook on life. If you encounter a challenge in your journey and feel you cannot overcome it alone, bend your knees and talk to Jesus. HE knows the heart, and all of your thoughts before you think it and say it. Having a willing heart to change will allow growth to settle in where never imagined. Changing your outlook on life will cripple depression. When you humble yourself before The Lord and ask HIM to help you in your life journey to make healthy changes, Jesus will not only hear your willing heart, but, will help you to overcome negative patterns you feel you cannot achieve letting go of on your own. As you start to die out on old negative habits, you'll notice how inner joy starts slowly settling in. As your heart starts to feel happier, you will automatically adjust to healthier patterns in your lifestyle, such as exercising, eating healthier, saying nice things to people for no reason, and always giving to others without expectation. This is what you call "true transformation of the heart," and the achievement of "putting depression out of business."

    'Adapting to New Healthy Patterns'

    GOD made the foods of the earth for us to eat and be healthy. Fried foods, foods loaded with preservatives, sodium enriched processed foods, and foods with heavy creams detract from the body's overall performance of performing at its full positive potential. These foods contribute to the crippling of a person's health in the long run, as well as promoting depression within, something a lot of people don't know or overlook. Fast food promotes a distorted attitude towards life. Healthy foods, such as fish, lean meats like lamb, skinless chicken, soy, legumes, vegetables and fruit help the body to operate efficiently, and stay healthy for decades. Of course, maintaining a positive lifestyle of continually eating healthy is an uphill battle, as we are all human and susceptible to falling off of the bandwagon of eating right. Consuming nutrient rich foods such as oranges which are high in vitamin C help the body to naturally boost its immune system. Healthy meats such as eating fish and chicken promote lean muscle mass, when consumed in moderation, incorporated with exercise and cardiovascular activity. Eating healthy daily will naturally uplift your spirit, improve your outlook on life, being able to see things in a more positive light, as well as boosting serotonin levels in the brain. In addition to making positive progress, one can also look forward to improving relationships with their peers.

    'Overcoming Life's Woes With Faith'

    It's a negative emotion most people experience. To combat this adverse emotion, it takes a lot in a person to want to change for the better. It requires a person to get out of their comfort zone, something the majority of folk might not like doing. Some folk choose to stay the way they are, because they don't want to change, and don't like staying in their comfort zone. In the game of life, there is no such thing as anything staying the same. Everything in life is constantly changing, whether it be technology, laws that govern us, corporate salaries, people being promoted and companies, progressing people becoming Internet millionaires, so on and so forth.

    To make healthy changes and overcome depression, truth is, you must be not only willing to make necessary changes frequently, but, rely on GOD - Lord Jesus Christ not only to guide you out of depression, but to help you stay spiritually healthy throughout your life. Thinking healthy, eating healthy, having healthy relationships with people, and having faith in GOD and yourself will keep you out of depression, for as long as you're here. Remember, no matter how many times you've fallen down your life, know there is hope for you in overcoming your adversities, while having the ability to dust yourself off, get back up, and make all sorts of healthy changes. Eating healthy is just the beginning of living a healthier lifestyle and getting out of depression. The best is yet to come for you, if you continue to hold out and have faith in believing your life can change for the better.



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