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#PortionSizing: Managing #PortionSizedFood for Long Term #WeightLoss

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  • #PortionSizing: Managing #PortionSizedFood for Long Term #WeightLoss

    Only God is perfect.
    This site acknowledges the Lord Jesus Christ as God and God alone.

    #Portionsize your #healthymeals so you can #loseweight, #boostmetabolism, #burnfat in #longevity, and #gethealthyagain inside out. #Transformation is #forlife - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/health

    When it comes to eating healthy, there's virtually unlimited creative ways to patch together a healthy low-calorie protein rich meal. The key to success in eating healthy is the portion size your meals alongside making healthy changes in your life. If you're one of those folk struggling to eat healthy, just know you're not the only one.

    Eating smaller meals lightens the load on your metabolism. It helps your body lose weight effectively. It helps to gain and retain mental clarity. Eating healthy promotes increased exercise, cardio and healthier thinking. Food affects attitude. With this said, this'll hopefully encourage you to change your eating habits and make healthier choices.

    Additionally to consuming portions sized meals, steaming your protein sources and a steaming pot is a wonderful way to bleed extra fat and unhealthy calories out of your food. For example, if you're eating chicken on any day, you can season your chicken the night before cooking the next day in a steaming pot. While the chicken is steaming, it won't lose its flavor and will keep your taste buds entertained after it becomes tender. Eating steamed chicken is a wonderful way of getting in good solid nutrition and ingesting a quality source of protein. The good thing about steaming chicken is that it promotes lean muscle building.

    Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables along with your portion sized meals is a great way to ingest raw enzymes. Juicing foods of the earth frequently allows your body to absorb wrought nutrients from fruits and investor bowls faster, thus, supplying key nutrients and antioxidants to your muscles and mind. Drinking fresh pressed juice is the best way to effectively invest in your personal healthcare.

    No matter how many times you fall down in your healthy efforts, don''t give up. If you skip a few healthy meals or miss a few workouts at the gym, dust yourself off and keep going. No one will absolutely get it together 100%. The key to success is humble yourself and always be determined, no matter how great the awesome life challenge. Eating healthy, exercising, doing cardio and she driving to live a healthy lifestyle is just the beginning to your lifetime greatness. Keep believing in yourself despite how many times you fall down in your fitness transformation. Don't look at people and who doesn't believe in your ability. Just keep going and strive daily. Have a heart to receive everything and remain positive.

    Fasting is also a great way to get in the long term weight loss mindset. It recalibrates your mind to build new defenses against eating things you shouldn't. If you love the Hibachi buffet restaurant or tend to sit at home at times and not use your treadmill and eat Bon Bons and ho ho's, fasting gets you in the mood to make healthy changes. Of course, it'll take a good while before fasting on spontaneous days will start to show weight loss. But the good news is fasting goes way beyond losing weight. It strengthens you spiritually, helps you get better sleep, helps you achieve a more positive attitude, helps you put the fork down toward certain foods, and most importantly, continued weight loss.

    A good way to get started with fasting is if you have a treadmill in your bedroom or somewhere in your apartment or house, start getting into the positive health habit of doing 10-20 minutes of cardio before going to sleep at night. Hope in the shower after finishing your evening to slight midnight cardio. Going to sleep on an empty stomach after completing treadmill cardio will slowly transition you into the fasting mindset. And the more you start to see yourself losing weight and mentally strengthened, you'll not only become a leader for health and spiritual change, but also an honorable fitness champion for others to admire and follow.



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