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Inspiration or Desperation: #EatingRight Can be a #FullTimeJob

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  • Inspiration or Desperation: #EatingRight Can be a #FullTimeJob

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    It’s a full-time job staying on track eating right and taking care of your body. There’s moments you fall by the wayside and eat something or drink something you have no business involving yourself with. It’s okay because you’re human and you make mistakes. The beauty of eating right goes further than looking good on the outside and having a small waistline. What you eat now affects your immediate mobility and lifestyle in senior years. This is why it’s important to choose your foods wisely and keep doing the transformation work on fine-tuning your diet. When you strive to eat healthy and get back on track eating right in longevity, you add more value to your personal health care insurance.

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    Are you a meat lover of beef and pork? If so, you may want to consider cutting down on heavy meat consumption. Reason being is it allegedly takes two weeks or close to two weeks for meat to digest in your system. The potential result of meat taking so long to digest is abdominal visceral fat building up on your midsection. Visceral fat, a.k.a. Adipose tissue, are layers of fat that slowly accumulate over your abs and cause your waistline to grow, resulting in a puffy midsection appearance and unattractive look. It’s imperative to choose your meats wisely. Always be mindful how often you consume meat protein sources.