Are you feeling sluggish possibly because of your nutrition and lack of walking or jogging? Perhaps feeling slower than usual because of aging or lack of sleep? If you've answered yes to one or all of the questions, it's time for you to make healthy changes and get back on track with cardio and exercise.

Did you know increased cardiovascular output improves sleep patterns? That's right. According to, cardio not only improves sleep and exercise performance, but "Not getting enough sleep causes a number of consequences--inability to focus on cognitive tasks, heart problems, energy-depletion, and weight gain--just to name a few."

Increased cardio can:

1. Improve exercise performance potential
2. Help increase endorphin flow for increased feelings of happiness and libido
3. Better sleep
4. Improved cognition skills
5. Heighten awareness about proper daily nutrition
6. Accelerate weight loss
7. Potentially help you lose two to three pounds weekly
8. Potentially help you sleep up to or more than 10 hours
9. Reduce abdominal girth

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10. Inspire you to do more cardio if preparing for a 26.2 or 13.1 mile marathon
11. Improve relationships with others
12. Help you get better grades
13. Improve social life
14. Reduce bad cholesterol
15. Overcome alcohol addiction
16. Resist Marijuana consumption
17. Dress better due to weight loss
18. Inspire you to never settle for less from people who think less of you by raising the standard
19. Cook healthier food
20. Buy a home treadmill so you can perform quick stints of cardio before and after home meals

It's never too late to get started transforming your body and life. Living a healthy lifestyle requires getting out of your comfort zone emotionally and physically. Sometimes, you have to let some people go out of your life and get started with physical and spiritual cardio when you don't feel like it. Pushing yourself consistently with cardio will do more than help you achieve long-term weight loss. It'll help you become a transformation champion for life, inspiring others to follow your lead in striving for excellence in achieving a healthier life.

Now's the time to invest in your health and get started with a new pair of running shoes, gym sweats, and related goods to help you kickstart your cardio. Be inspired.


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