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#PersonalInvesting: College is Worth the Investment

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  • #PersonalInvesting: College is Worth the Investment

    Ben Stein speaks on the topic of "if college is worth the investment" on Forbes. Going to college is a personal investment made in yourself to achieve more than just getting a degree. It's a personal challenge to see what you are made of. Additionally, going to college also brings out the best in anyone who wholeheartedly applies themselves to getting organized and accomplishing educational excellence.

    Doing the transformation educational work is challenging. You have to write term papers. You have to get out of your emotional and physical comfort zone in order to meet deadlines for submitting college papers and assignments. You have to go above and beyond mentally in order to achieve more than just being in average college student. An overall, college is worth the investment.

    Having a college degree gives anyone a personal feeling of higher achievement. As a college graduate, more doors of opportunity open. When a college graduate least expects a certain opportunity to come their way, it just so may happen. When striving for excellence to accomplish higher education, never give up, regardless of time to achieve your Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. Stay humble and give back by lifting someone else up during and after achieving your degree. That's true transformation of the heart.