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From #Homelessness to Excellence in #Education at #Harvard

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  • From #Homelessness to Excellence in #Education at #Harvard

    From homelessness to excellence. Her drive to succeed was homelessness and falling in a class of financially unfortunate. With no money and a dream of a brighter future, she faced countless obstacles achieving her educational goals. Refusing to succumb to defeat, she sought a unique way to find money to pay her tuition after enrolling as a student at Harvard University.

    'Start a Free Fundraising Page'

    She created a free fundraising page solely for the purpose of raising money to go to Harvard. Not knowing the complete ins and outs of online crowdsourcing, she got her feet wet in the crowd sourcing game. She faithfully created an online fundraising page generating funds online from strangers to pay for Harvard. She is a true transformation champion for change as she didn't allow her current situation of homelessness and being broke to deter her from moving forward. You're no different than her. If you find yourself financially unfortunate and craving a desire of going to college and desire to raise funds online to pay your tuition, follow in her footsteps by starting a free fundraising page. Try your hand at appealing to people you don't know from a can of paint to donate money to your fundraising page. It starts with an act of faith and following up on faith with faithful works. Do the transformation work in faith and watch and see you can achieve the same thing she did.

    Read this inspiring transformation success story from homelessness to graduating from Harvard

    Been fired from your job? Had a scholarship taken from you without explanation? Been falsely accused? Ever been slandered? If the answer is yes to one or all of the questions, now's the time to make healthy changes in your life by transforming your situation from adversity into success and unlimited opportunity. Achieving higher education despite any adverse situation you're currently experiencing will open doors least expected. People will come to you presenting opportunity out of the woodworks leaving you wondering how they discovered you. Never let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your higher educational goals in acquiring your Bachelor's degree, MBA Masters degree, J.D. Judicial doctorate, or Ph.D post-doctorate degree. Adversity is just that. It's a challenge to see what you're made of. If you've ever been put down by someone who thought less of you and doubting your ability to succeed you need to use that energy now to pursue and achieve your higher educational goals. Prove them wrong and stay humble in the transformation process. This is what spiritual growth is all about when you don't return negative energy. Be a transformation champion for change not only by proving doubters dumbfounded. Move forward faithfully and lift others up along the way. This will display your heart as solid gold spiritually.

    Be encouraged and never give up in the uncertain game called life.