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#DelawareJobs: #HarborFreight in #MiddletownDelaware Wants to Hire You Right Now!

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  • #DelawareJobs: #HarborFreight in #MiddletownDelaware Wants to Hire You Right Now!

    Jobs in New Castle County
    #HarborFreight in #MiddletownDelaware has #jobs for #qualified #jobapplicants in the #StateofDelaware and #stable #employment in #NewCastleCounty

    The Delaware employment update recently surfaced with good news for Residence Inn New Castle County looking for gainful employment.

    This serves as a quick Delaware employment update for July 31st 2018 and the month of August 2018. Harbor Freight, located in Middletown Delaware, is looking to hire for the following positions:
    • Associate Sales
    • Associate Logistics
    • Supervisor Sales
    • Supervisor Logistics

    No experience? Little experience? Tons of experience? Submit your resume with no delay and get organized @

    They recently had a hiring event back in May at the Pencader One-Stop Career Center located at Corporate Boulevard. Though that employment event has passed, you're still encouraged to apply for the following positions.

    good news is, once you're hired as a new employee of Harbor Freight, they're closed on Thanksgiving, close at 8 p. M. Every night, you have a clear career path to promotion as mentioned in the flyer, you have paid time off for all positions, ability to earn bonuses, flexible schedules, so she ate discounts, full and part-time positions, and you also receive medical, dental, and vision insurance. This is an opportunity you want to pass up especially if you already have a full-time day job and looking for secondary employment.

    If you're not in the market for a job in Delaware right now in New Castle County and know someone that's seeking gainful and respectable employment with good pay, feel free to share this post with everyone online.